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12-hour clock, 12-hour time format


a posteriori distribution, a priori distribution, a-bus, A/D-D/A Adaptors, A/V, abandoned connection, abbreviate, abbreviated address calling, abend, abnormal end, Abnormal End, abnormal termination, abort, abort sequence, Above Selection, ABS(), absolute, absolute address, absolute code, Absolute Colorimetric is Default For Proofing, absolute delay, absolute device, absolute error, absolute error of measurement, absolute instrument, absolute loader, absolute pressure, absolute stability of a system, absolute system of electrical units, absolute-value device, absolutely stable system, absolutely summable, absorb, to, absorbant, absorbing state, absorption, absorption cross-section, absorption loss, absorption modulation, absorption spectrum, absorption trap, absorptive attenuator, Abstract, abstract, abstract symbol, abstract syntax tree, abstraction, AC, AC Adapter, AC/DC converter, ACC, Accelerate, accelerated test, accelerating relay, Acceleration, accelerator, Accelerator Key, accelerometer, Accent Bar, Accent Char, accept, acceptable level of risk, acceptable mean life, acceptable quality level, acceptance, acceptance boundary, acceptance criteria, acceptance probability, acceptance sampling, Acception, acceptor, acceptor level, Accesibility, Accesible, Access, access, access authorization, access barred, access category, access coding, Access Control, Access Control Entry, Access Control List (ACL), access control methods, Access Key, access list, Access Mechanism, Access Method, access network, access period, Access Permission, Access Privileges, access record, access right, Access Time, Access Token, access traffic, Access Type, access, to, Accessory, accident, accidental, accidental jamming, Accompanying Message, Account, Account Module, Account Name, Account Operators, Account Policy, Account Type, accountability, accounting machine, accounting rate, Accounts Manager, accreditation, accumulate, accumulator, accumulator register, Accumulator-Bus, Accuracy, accuracy class, accuracy of a measuring instrument, accuracy of measurement, accuracy rating, ACK, acknowledge, Acknowledge Character, Acknowledged, acknowledgement, acknowledgement signal, acknowledgement(Ack), ACL, Acoustic, acoustic, Acoustic Coupler, acoustic delay line, acoustic storage, ACPI, ACPI Control Method Battery, acquire, to, Acronym, act, Action, action and reaction, Action Bar, Action Button, action item, Action Name, Action Queries, Action Settings, Action Value, Activate, Activation Code, activator, Active, Active Channel, Active Connections, Active Control, active countermeasures, active current, Active Desktop, Active Directory Browser, Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), Active Directory Viewer, active element, active energy neter, active file, active high, active homing, Active Hyperlink, Active Log Format, active low, active maintenance time, active menace, Active Modem, active power, active redundancy, active reflector, active risk, Active Server Pages (ASP), active threat, active transducer, active wiretapping, Activex Conferencing Control Module, Activex Control, Activex Control Properties, Activity, Activity Counter, Activity Ratio, Actual Compression Ratio, Actual Size, Actual Work:, actuating force, Actuator, acyclic, AD, ad hoc, ad infinitum, Adapt, adaptability


Babble, back beam, back door, back off, back projection, back scattering, Back Space, Back Tracking, back tracking (audit), Back Up, Back Up Copy, Back Up Frequency, back-to-back connection, back-up file, back-up system, Backbone, backbone network, Backend, Background, background application, background data, Background Job, Background Mode, background processing, Backlighted, Backlit, Backlog, Backout, backpannel, backplane, backpropagation, Backslash, Backspace, Backspace Key, Backspace Key Sends, Backtab, backtrack search, Backtracking, Backup, backup, backup center, backup computer, Backup Copy, Backup Device, backup disk, Backup Domain Controller (Bdc), backup facility, backup file, Backup Frequency, backup operations, Backup Operators, backup procedure, Backup Schedule, Backup Set, Backup Site Controller, Backup Wizard, Backward, backward shift operator, backward signalling, backward wave, Backwards Compatibility, Bad Format, Bad Sector, Bad-Block Map, Bad-Sector Mapping, Badge, Balance, balance, balance relay, balanced code, balanced error, balanced mixer, balanced mode, balanced modulator, balanced network, balanced transmission line, balanced two-port network, balanced-to-ground circuit, balancing speed, ballast resistor, ballistic galvanometer, balloon, Band, band elimination, Band Printer, band rejection, band-limited, band-pass amplifier, band-pass filter, band-pass process, Bandwidth, bandwidth control, Bank, bank of (filters), bank of capacitors, Bank Select, Banner, Bar, Bar Chart, Bar Code Slot Reader, Bar Code Wand, Barcode, Barcode Slot Reader, Barcode Wand, barge-in tone, barometer, barrel distortion, barrier, barrier layer, barrier layer capacitance, Base, Base Address, base period, Base Port Address, base quantity, Base Register, base station, Base Unit, base unit of measurement, Baseband, baseband amplifier, baseband local area network, baseband modem, baseband signalling, baseline, baseline document, Basic, basic, basic feasible solution, basic input/output system; BIOS, Basic Partitions, basic solution, basis of a space, basis set, Batch, Batch File, batch input, Batch Job, Batch Processing, batch variation, bathtube curve, Battery, battery, battery charger, Battery Life, Battery Pack, Baud, Baud Rate, Baudot code, bay, Bayes estimation, Bayes solution, Bayesian decision theory, Bayesian statistics, Bbs, BCD, Bdc, beacon, beacon tracking, Beam, beam angle, beam antenna, beam axis, beam splitter, beam transmission, beam width, bearer services, Beep, beeper, Before-Image, Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, Beginner´s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, Bell, bell-shaped curve, bellows, Belt, Benchmark, benchmark problem, Benchmark Test, benign virus, Bent Arrow, Bernouilli trials, best estimator, Best Fit, beta test, beta version, b version, between the lines entry, between-group variance, beyond-the-horizon, beyond-the-horizon propagation, Bias, bias, bias error of a measuring instrument, biased estimator, biased sample, Bibliography, Bidirectional, bidirectional antenna, bidirectional flow, Bidirectional Support


C-SLIP, CA, Ca/Cg, Cabinet, Cable, cable loss, cable television, cable transmission, Cache, Cache (To), Cache Buffer, Cache Manager, Cached Copy, Caching, CAD, cadence signal, CAE, Calculate, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar Control, Calibrate, calibration, calibration frequency, Call, call, call add-on, call blocking, call charge, call fee, call disconnection, call distributor, call diversion, call duration, call failure probability, call hold, call packet, call pre-emption, call processing, call progress tones, call request, call restriction, call set-up time, call transfer, callback, callback modem, Callback Number, called-party release, calling line identification, calling subscriber, calling-party release, CAM, Camcorder, Camera, camera tube, campus, Campus Wide Information System (CWIS), Cancel, Cancel Button, cancel character, cancel, to, Canceling (Of A Job), CAND, Capability, capacitive coupling, capacitive load, capacitor, capacitor storage, Capacity, capital, Capital Letter, capital lock key, Capitalization, Capitalized Letter, Caps, Caps Lock, Caption, Capture, capture, to, carbon copy, Carbon Copy (CC), Carbon Copy List, carbon microphone, Card, Card Labels, cardinal number, Cardinal Numbers, Caret, carriage return, Carrier, carrier channel, carrier return, carrier sense multiple access, carrierless, Carry, Cartesian space, Cartridge, Cartridge Drive, Cartridge Tape Unit, Cascade, cascading, CASE, Case Conversion, Case Sensitive, Case Study, Cash, Cash Register, Cassette, cassette reader, cataleptic failure, Catalog, catalogue, Category, Category Axis, Category Axis Scale, Category Labels, Cathode Ray Tube, cathode rays, cathode-ray-tube, CATV, community antenna television, causal relationship, causal system, causality principle, cause, to, CBT, cc, CCD, CCTV, CD, Cd Boot Disk, CD burner, CD Player, CD Tray, CD, compact disk, CD-Audio, CD-I; compact disk-interactive, CD-Rom, CD-Rom Changer, CD-Rom Driver, CD-ROM-Player, CDA, CDD, Cell, Cell Protection, Cell Range, Center, Center Alignment, Centimeters, Central, central moment, central office, Central Processing Unit, centralized, Centralized Administration, centralized management, centralized processing, certificate, Certificate Authority, Certificate of Authenticity (CA), Certificate Request File, Certificate Server, Certificate Server Configuration, Certificate Server Configuration Wizard, certification, CFS, CGA, CGM İmport Filter, chain code, Chained File, Chained List, chained liste, Chaining, chaining search, Challenge-Respond Method, Change, Changer, Channel, channel demultiplexing, channel equipment, channel gate, Channel Guide, Channel Refresh, Channel Screen Saver, channel substructure, Channel-Attached, channeling, channeling plan, Chapter, Chapter Heading, Char Pitch, Char Right Extend, Character, Character Delay, Character Format, character generator, Character Map, Character Mapping, character pitch, Character Preview, Character Recognition, Character Repeat


DA, DA Conversion, DA Converter, Daemon, Daily, daisy wheel printer, Daisy-Chain, Damage, damaged area, DASD, DASD mirroring, Dash, dashed line, DAT, Data, Data Access, data acquisition, data adapter unit, data authentication, data backup, Data Bank, Data base, Data Bus, data code, Data Collection Terminal, data collection, data gathering, Data communication, data communucation, Data Communucations Equipment (DCE), data communucations equipment(DCE), data compression, data concealment, data continuity, data converter, data density, Data Dictionary, data diddling, Data Dispenser, Data Document, Data Entry, Data File, data flowchart, data flow diagram, data fork, data fusion, data glove [virtual reality], data handling, data highway, data integrity, data interchange format, data label, data leakage, Data Link, data link controller, Data Link Layer, data log, Data Management, data medium, Data Model, data name, data network, data organization, data perenniality, Data Processing, Data Processing Center, data processor, Data Protection, data quality, Data Rate, Data Receiver, Data Record, Data Recorder, data recording medium, Data Reduction, Data Reference, Data Reference Line, Data Repository, Data Security, Data sensitive fault, Data Set, Data Signalling Rate, Data Sink, Data Source, data storage, Data Storage Density, Data Storage Unit, data stream, Data Structure, data suit [virtual reality], Data Tablet, data terminal, data terminal equipment, DTE, data text, Data Transcription, Data Transfer, Data Transfer Rate, Data Transmission, data transmission system, data transparency, Data Type, data validation, data word, Data-flip-flop, Data/Text Merge, Database, database (DB), database administrator, Database Background, Database Column Name, database integrity, database management, Database Management System (DBMS), database management system(DSMS), Database Utilities, Database Window, Database Wizard, datacommunucations, datafile, datasheet, Datatext, date, Date Format, daughter board, day, DBMS, DC signalling, DCA, DCE, DDE, DdoS, Deactivate, dead, dead band, Dead Key, dead reckoning, dead time, dead zone, dead band, deadline, deadlock, Deadlock Condition, dealer, Deallocate, deblurring, debouncing, Debug, Debug Monitor, Debug Window, Debugger, Debugger Breakpoint, Debugging, debugging program, DEC, decentile, decile, decentralization, decentralized, decentralized architecture, decentralized computer network, decentralized operation, Decentralized Prosessing, decile, decimal, Decimal Aligned, Decimal Alignment, Decimal Character, decimal data, decimal digit, decimal number system, Decimal Place, decimal point, Decimal Tabs, Decimal Tabstop, Decimal Value, Decipher, decipher, to, decipherment, Decision, decision circuit, decision instant, decision node, decision rule, decision space, decision table, decision theory, decision value, decision variable, Decisional Database, Deck, declaration; directive, declarative, declarative language, Declaratives, Declare, Decode, decode, to, decoder, Decompile, decomposition, Decompress, Decompression, decorrelate, to, decouple, to


e-mail, E-mail (electronic mail), E-Mail Address, E-Zine, Echo, echo canceller, echo check, Echo Request, Echo Threshold, ECR, edge, edge detection, edge field, edge image, edge intensity, edge linking, edge operator, edgelit screen; sidelit screen, Edit, Edit Box, edit mode, editing, Edition, editor, EDP security, educational broadcast, educational software, Effective, effective, effective address, effective area, effective bandwidth, effectiveness, efficiency, EGA, eigenfunction, eigenspace, eigenvalue, eigenvalue equation, eigenvector, Eject, eject, to, elapsed time, elapsed time indicator, elastic buffer, elasticity, electron gun, electron lens, electronic, electronic banking, electronic bulletin board, electronic cash register, electronic counter measures (ECM), electronic data processing security, electronic deception, Electronic Editing, electronic fund transfer, EFT, electronic gap admittance, electronic highway, electronic image, electronic jamming, Electronic Magazine (E-Zine), electronic mail, electronic mail(E-Mail), electronic mail, e-mail, electronic mailbox, electronic measuring instrument, electronic multiplier, electronic organizer; organizer, electronic patch panel, electronic publishing, electronic reconnaissance, electronic rectifier, electronic security, electronic signature, electronic spreadsheet, electronic tuning, electronic virus, electronic warfare, electronics, electrostatic focussing, electrostatic induction, Element, elementary, elementary operations, elevator, Eligible, Ellipsis, Em-Dash, Embed, embed, to, embedded computer, embedded object, embedded software, embosser, emergency, emergency call, Emergency Recovery, Emergency Repair Disk, Emergency Services Call, emerging technology, emission, emission security, Emit, Emphasize, emphasizer, Empty, empty set, Emulate, emulate, to, emulation, emulation program, emulator, emulator software, en-dash, Enable, enable, to, Enabled, enabled state, enabling signal, Encapsulate, encapsulation, encipher, to, enclose, enclosure, Encode, encode, to, encoder, Encoder Resiliency Options, encrypt, encrypted text, Encryption, encryption (of data), encryption algorithm, Encryption Key, End, end, end around shift, end key, end of, end of character, end of file label, end of program, end of pulsing signal, end of tape marker, end of transmission block character, end to end digital connectivity, end to end encryption, end to end signalling, end user, end-around borrow, end-around carry, Endpoint, Endpoint Assignment, Endpoint Mapper, Energy, Energy Function, energy smart, engineering change, Enhance, enhanced, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter(EGA), Enhanced Keyboard, Enhanced Metafile, enhanced mode, enhancement, Enlarge, Enqueue, enqueue, to, ensemble averaging, Enter, enter data, to, enter key, enterprise, Enterprise Network, entity, entropy coding, Entry, Entry Point, entry point, entrance, Enumeration Operation, Envelope, envelope, Envelope Creation, Envelope Feeder, Environment, Environment Subsystem, Environment Variable, Epilogue, EPROM, equal sign, equality constraint, equalization, Equalize, equalizer, Equation, Equation Editor, equipment, equipment rack


facility, facsimile machine, facsimile receiver, fact, factor, factor analysis, factorial, factorisation, Factory Installation Tips, factory installed, factual, faculty, Fade In, Fade Out, fade-out, fading, fading channel, fading radio wave, fail, fail safe, fail soft, fail, to, failure, failure cause, failure rate, failure recovery, fallacy, fallback circuit, fallback data rate, fallback procedure, FALSE, false alarm error, error of the first kind, fan in, fan out, far end crosstalk, FEXT, far end echo, far field, Fast Motion, fast packet switching, fast path key, Fast System Recovery, FAT, fatal error, fatigue, fault, fault analysis, fault detection, fault diagnosis, fault indicator, fault interrupter, fault localization, fault masking, fault tolerance, fault tolerant, fault tolerant computer, Fault Tolerant DFS, Fault Tolerant Driver, Favorites, Favorites Folder, fax, fax modem; data fax modem, faximile, Faxmail Server, FDM, feasibility, Feasibility study, feasible region, feasible solution, feature, feature code, feature extraction, feature space, feature vector, feed, feedback, feedback amplifier, feedback control, feedback game, feedback oscillator, feedback path, feedback signal, Feeder, feedforward control, feet, fetch, fetch, to, Fiber, fiber loss, fiber optic, fiber to the curb, FTTC, fiber to the home, FTTH, Fiction, Fidelity, field, field installable, field research, Field Selection, fierce virus, figure, figure caption, figure of merit, file, file allocation table, file attribute, File Details, file extension, File Folder, File Handle, file identifier, file index, file label, file maintenance, file management system, File Manager, File Migrate, File Migrate Wizard, File Object, file organization, file protection, File Record Segment, File Replication And Maintenance Service, File Replication Service, file security, file server, File Service Management, File System, File System Compatibility, File System Features, File System Upgrade Wizard, File Transfer, File Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), File Transfer Protocol FTP, file transfer protocol, FTP, file updating, file, to, Filemark, Files Selected, filesystem, fill, fill character, Fill Color, fill pattern, filler, padding, filling material, filter, Filter Object Wizard, Filter Wizard, Filterkey, Filters Text, final, find, find and replace, Find Replace Object Name Wizard, Find-N-Replace Wizard, fine tuning, Finger, finite machine, finite set, firewall, firmware, first generation computer, first in first out stack, fit, fit to page, fix, fix level, fixed, fixed disk, fixed equalizer, fixed password, fixed point, fixed point representation, fixed spaced font, fixed storage, fixed word length, fixing, fixture, flag, flag (noun), flag (verb), flag sequence, flash, flash memory, flash, to, flat file, flat rate, flat screen, flatbad plotter, flexible, flexible disk, flicker, flicker effect, flip, flip-flop, floating, Floating Point, floating point representation, Floating Point Unit (FPU), floating zero


Gallery, game, Game Controller, game software, game theory, Gap, Gap Analysis, gap character, garbage, garbage byte, Garbage Collection, garbage file, gate, gate array, gate width, gateway, gateway protocol, Gather, gating pulse, gating signal, gauge, GDI, General, general purpose computer, general purpose control, generalized, generalized inverse, Generate, generate, to, generated address, generated text (computer), Generation, generator, generator program, generic, Generic Search, generic term, Get, GIF, glass box model, Global, Global Catalog, global character, global name, global search, global variable, Globally Unique Id, glossary, go to, go-ahead, Goal-driven, Grab (to), grab(to), graceful degradation, gradation, Grade, grade of service, GOS, grain, Grammar, Grammar Checker, Grant List, Granted Access Rights, Graph, graph of a network, graphic (adjective), graphic (noun), Graphic Adapter, graphic animation, graphic character, graphic display device, graphic editor, graphic symbol, graphic terminal, Graphic(noun), graphic(s), Graphical, Graphical User Interface (GUI), graphical user interface, GUI, graphics, graphics card, graphics data file, Graphics Device Interface (GDI), Graphics Engine, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), graphics primitive, graphics station, graphics symbol set, graphics text, graphics window, Gray code, gray level, Gray Scale, gray tone image, grid, grid sampling, Gridlines, ground, ground state, Grounding, group, group address, Group By Subject, group carrier, Group Policy, grouping, growth curve, guard band, Guest, guest machine, GUI, Guidance, Guide, Guidebar, Guideline, Gutter


Hacker, hair cross cursor, HAL, half-duplex, halfword, halt, handle, handler, handling, handshake, handwriting support, hanging indent, hard card, hard copy, hard disk, hard hyphen, hard page break, hard sector, hard space, hard stop, Hard-Sector Disk, hardware, Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), hardware check, Hardware Handshaking, Hardware Installation Wizard, Hardware Interrupt Levels, Hardware Jumpers, hardware requirements, Hardware Wizard, hardwired, Hash, head, head crash, header, Header Integrity, header label, heading, headphone, headphone jack, heap, heat, heat sink, height, help, help desk, help for HELP, help index, Help Text, heterogeneous computer network, heuristic, heuristics, hex, hexadecimal numbering system, hidden, hidden file, hide, hierarchical, Hierarchical Storage Management, hierarchy, high, high density, high end, high performance file system, High Performance File System (HPFS), high resolution, High Resolution (HR), High-Level, high-level language, High-Level Language (HLL), Higher-Level Protocol, Highlight, highlight (to), Highlight Key Points, highway, hint, Hint Flag, history file, history log, Hive, Hives, HLL, hold, Hold Down, hold down (re:mouse button or key), hole, Hollow Ellipse, home directory, Home Page, Home Root, Home Router, Home Slot, homogeneous computer network, Hop, Hop-Count Threshold, horizontal, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Resolution (HR), Host, Host Adress, host computer, Host Drive, Host Id, Host Name, Host Number, Hostname, hot key, hot link, Hot Pluggable Device, Hot Pluggable Devices Tray Icon, hotline, hour glass, housekeeping, HPFS, HR, HTML, HTTP, hub, hue, Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML), Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP), Hyperlink, Hyperlink Context Menu, Hyperlink Converter, Hyperlink Menu, Hypermedia, Hyperterminal, hypertext, hyphen, hyphenate


I/O, ICML, icon, iconize, to, Id, ID number, ideal value, identical, Identification, identification (id), identification character, identification label, identification procedure, identification, ID, identifier, identifier field, identity, Identity Mapping, identity operator, identity proof, identity sign, identity simulation, identity token, identity validation, ideogram, idle, idle character, idle line, idle loop, idle time, Iff, ignore, ignore character, ignore, to, ill posed, illegal, illegal access, illegal assignment, illegal character, illegal instruction, illegal operation, illegal software copy, illegal syntax, illusion, illusory correlation, image, image coding, image compression, image enhancement, image interpolation, image operator, image pick-up tube, image plane, image printer, image processing, image recontruction, image registration, image restoration, image writer, imaginary, imaginary axis, imagination, Imaging Help, Imaging Preview, immediate address, immediate data, immediate instruction, immune computer, impact, impact pressure, impact printer, impedance, imperative, imperfect knowledge, imperfection, Impersonate, Impersonation, implant, Implement, implement(to), implement, to, implementation, implication, implicit, implicit function, implied, import (noun), import (verb), Import Server, import, to, important, improved, impulse function, impulsive noise, in, in band signalling, in basket, in opposition, in phase, in quadrature, in use light, in-basket, inaccuracy, inactive, inactive node, inactive terminal, inadvertent disclosure, inbound, inbox, inch, inclination, include, inclusion sign, inclusive, incoherence, incoming, incoming call, incoming line circuit, incompatible, incompatible states, incompatible terminals, Inconsistent, inconsistent estimator, Incorrect Schema, increase, increment, incremental backup, incremental computer, incremental representation, indent, indent, to, indentation, indented, indented list, indented paragraph, independent, Independent Client, independent events, independent identically distributed, iid, independent trials, independent variable, index, index file, index register, indexed access, indexed address, Indic, indicate, indicator, indirect, indirect addressing, Indirect Adress, indirect ddress, indirect instruction, indirect user, Individual Battery Icon, Individual Permissions, indoor, indoor communication, inductance, induction, inductive method, inductor, industrial control, Industry Standart Architecture (ISA), inelastic, inequality constraint, inert, inertia, inertial coordinates, inertial guidance, infected application, infected area, infected disk, infected file, infected program, infection signature, infer, to, inference, infinite, infinite sequence, infinite series, infinitesimal, infix, influence quantity, info, informal testing, informatics, information, information bit, information content, information day, information frame, information highway, information kiosk, information loss, information measure, information overload, information processing system, information rate


jack, jacket, Jam, jam, to, jammer, jamming, jitter, job, job control statement, job description, job queue, job scheduling, job stream, Join, Join Type, joint, joint distribution, Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), joker, Journal, Journal File, Joy Stick, joystick, JPEG, juke box, Jump, jump, to, Jumper, junction, junction box, Junction Point, Junk Senders List, just discernible difference, just in time production, justification, Justify, justify, to, juxtaposed, jw-crossing


Kb, Kendall's notation, Kerberos Names, Kern, kern, to, kernel, Kernel Mode, Kernel Process Object, Kernel Thread Object, key, Key Container Name, key distribution, key distribution center, Key Exchange Certificate Name, key field, Key Frame, Key Frame Interval, key generation, key gun, key in, to, key management, key pad, key, to, Key/Subkey, keyboard, keyboard style, keyboard template, Keyboard İnput, keyboardless computer, keyed sequential access, keypad, Keypad Application Mode, keystroke, keystroke verification, keyword, Kilobyte, kilobyte(KB), Kilobytes, Kilohertz, kiosk, kit, know-how, knowledge based method, knowledge based system, knowledge engineering, knowledge gap, knowledge representation, knowledge system, kurtosis


label, label identification, Label Range, labelled, labelled set, labelling, lag, LAN, LAN Manager, LAN Server Connection, LAN Wizard, Landscape, landscape (page orientation), landscape printing, lane, language, Language Monitor, laptop, laptop computer, Large Icon, large scale integration, laser printer, laser trimming, laser videodisc, lasso, last, last in first out queue, last in first out stack, Last Known Good Configuration, Last Update, latch, latching circuit, latency, latent variable, lattice, lattice network, Launch, launch(to), layer, layer of security, layered architecture, layout, LCD, LCD Panel, LDAP, LDAP Attribute Name, LDAP Class Name, LDAP Display Name, LDAP Namespace Object, LDAP Pathname Descriptor, LDAP Provider, LDAP Provider Object, leader, Leader Character, leader character (tab), leading characters, leading coefficient, leading edge of a pulse, leading term, leading zero, leakage, learning algorithm, learningware; courseware, leased line, least mean squares, least significant bit, least significant character, least significant digit, least squares, least squares estimator, least squares method, LED, left adjust, left aligned, left alignment, left justify, left justify, to, Left To Right Embedding, Left To Right Mark, Left To Right Override, Left-Handed, Legal, legal file name, legend, length, Length of aSecret, lens, lessonware, letter, letter quality, Letterhead, Letterwizard, level, level adjustment, level of significance, lever, lexicographic order, library, library (of data), library automation, library routines, license, license agreement, License Manager, licensed program, licensed user [software], Life, life cycle, life cycle cost, life test, lifetime, light, light emitting diode, LED, light pen, Light Source Shading, lightguide cable, lightwave, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), likelihood, likelihood ratio, likelihood ratio test, limit, limiting case, limiting conditions, line, line adapter, line amplifier, line blanking interval, Line Callout, Line Chart, Line Color, line command, line conditioning, Line Device Access, Line Drawing, Line Drawing, 2-D, Line Drawing, 3-D, line driver, line enhancer, line equalizer, line fault, line feed, line frequency, line printer, Line Printer Daemon (LPD), line protocol, line spacing, line speed, line splitter, Line Style, line test equipment, line turnaround, line weight, Line Width, linear, linear array, linear combination, linear function, linear independence, linear integrated circuit, linear model, linear operator, linear phase, linear programming, LP, linear regression equation, linear scale, linear space, linear system, linear time invariant, linearity, linearly separable, lines per inch, Lines Per İnch, link, link access protocol, link address, link by link encipherment, Link Dialog, link margin, link protokol, link to link signalling, link word, link, linkage, Link-State Database, linkage, linkage editor, Linked To, linker, Liquid Cristal Display (LCD), liquid crystal display, liquid crystal screen, list, list handling, list processing, List View Behavior, literal, litography, litho, live, Live Web Data, lo end


Machine, machine check, machine code, machine cycle, machine dependent, machine independent, machine instruction, machine language, machine learning, machine readable, machine translation, machine vision, machine word, Macintosh Names, macro, Macro Argument, macro language, macro library, Macro Virus Protection, macrogenerator, macroinstruction, macroprocessor, magenta, magnetic, magnetic card, magnetic circuit, magnetic core, magnetic disk, magnetic disk unit; MDU, magnetic field, magnetic focussing, magnetic ink, magnetic medium, magnetic read-write head, magnetic storage, magnetic stripe card, magnetic substance, magnetic tape library, magnetic track, magnetization, magneto-optic, magnification, magnifier, magnify, magnitude, mail, Mail File Migration, Mail Headers, mail log, mail merge, mail server, mail transfer agent, mail, to, mailbox, Mailbox Password, mailing address, mailing labels, mailing list, main, main circuit, main file, main memory, main program, main segment, main storage, mainboard, mainframe, mains fluctuations, mains switch, mainstreaming, maintainability, maintenance, maintenance test, major, Major Unit, majority, majority operation, making capacity, malfunction, malicious virus, malicous, malware, man, man-in-the-middle attack, man-machine interface, man-machine system, man-made noise, Managed Software Installer For Windows®, management, Management Console, Management Console Administration, management game, management information system, management information system (MIS), Management İnformation Base (Mıb), Management İnformation System, manager, mandatory, Mandatory Access Control, Mandatory Profile, manipulate(to), manipulate, to, mantissa, manual, Manual (man ), manual backup, manual control, manual data input, Manual Exposure, manual feed, manual hyphenation, manual pagebreak, manufacture, manufactured, many valued logic, map, mapped buffer, Mapped Drives, Mapped File, margin, marginal probability density function, Mark, mark (n), mark (v), marker, Markov chain, Markov process, Markov random field, markup language, marquee, mask, masquerading, mass, mass data, mass memory, mass number, mass of an electron, mass storage, Mass Storage Classes, massively parallel, master, Master Boot Record., master clock, master copy, Master Directory Tree, Master Domain, master file, main file, master list, master slave flip-flop, master station, match, match case, matched filter, Matching Words, material, math coprocessor, mathematical expectation, mathematically tractable, matrix, matrix display, matrix inversion, matrix printer, matter, Max Battery, maximize, maximum, Maximum Number of Secrets, Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU), Maze Overlay, MCGA, MDS, mean, mean life, mean opinion score, MOS, mean power, mean square convergence, mean time between maintenance, MTBM, mean value, meaning, measurable quantity, measured variable, measurement, measurement procedure, measurement process, measuring error, measuring range, mechanism, media, Media Eject Wizard, Media Inject Wizard, Media Manager, Media Player, Media Pool, Media Services Management, Media Vision Mixer Driver, Media Vision Wave Driver, medialess, median, median filter, mediation


n-neighborhood, NACK, Name, Name Discovery Process, Name Mapping, Name Query Request Packet, Name Registration Request Packet, Name Resolution, Name Server, Named Pipe, Namespace, Namespace Object, Naming Context, naming convention, NAND gate, narrowcast, national, national archive, national language character set, national language support, national standard, native, Native Device, Native Digits, native language, Native Mode Domain, natural, natural language, natural number, natural oscillations, navigation, navigation [software], near end crosstalk, NEXT, near end echo, near-letter quality, nearest neighbour, necessary condition, necessity, need-to-know principle, negate, negation, negative, negative acknowledgement, negative charge, negative indentation, negative logic, negative sign, negligible, Negotiated Binds, negotiation, Neighbor, neighbor node, Neighbor-List, neighborhood, neighborhood operator, Neighboring Routers, nest, nested, Nested Group Membership, nested intervals, nested loops, nested structure, nesting level, Net, Net Folder, Net Watcher, Netbios Broadcast Packet Handling, netlink, Netmeeting Call, Netmeeting Conversation, Netshow Player, Netware Login Scripts, network, Network Adapter, Network Adapter Card, network address, network administration, network administrator, network analysis, Network Basic Input/Output System (Netbios), network computing, Network Control Panel Applet, network controller, network database, network design, Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS), network domain, network element, Network File System (NFS ), Network File System (NFS), Network Guest Logon, Network Id, Network Information System (NIS ), network interface, Network Layer, network management, network manager, network monitoring, Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), network node, network node processor, network operating system, network procesor, network protocol, Network Redirector, Network Request, network resources, network security, Network Setup Wizard, Network Sniffer, network synthesis, network theory, network topology, network transparency, Network Transport, Network-Interface Printer, Network-To-Network Interface, networking, neural computer, new, New File System (NFS), new line, Newsgroup Filters, next, NFS, nibble (measurement unit), nickname, nine track tape, NIS, NNTP, No Access, no-load operation, node, node id, node of a network, node of a standing wave, noise, noise source, noise spike, nomenclature, nominal range, nominal value, Non Preemptive Multitasking, non-addressable, non-autonomous, non-blocking, non-break space, non-breaking hyphen, non-breaking space, non-coherent, non-commutative, non-cooperative game, non-countable, non-dedicated, non-destructive inspection, non-destructive testing, non-destructive virus, non-deterministic, non-erasable, non-impact printer, non-increasing function, non-interlace; noninterlace, non-invasive, non-linear, non-linear amplifier, non-linear mapping, non-linear programming, non-linear regression, non-linear scale, non-linear system, non-locking shift, non-maskable interrupt, non-memory resident infector, non-numerical character, non-oriented graph, non-parametric model, non-persistent, non-positive number, non-printing characters, non-recoverable error, non-recursive filter, non-redundant, non-relativistic, non-resident infector, non-return to zero unipolar (bipolar), non-return-to-zero code, non-sense correlation, non-significance, non-stationarity, non-stop, non-touching loops, non-uniform quantization, non-write protected diskette, nonbreak space, nonbreaking space, nondisplay, none, nonescaping key, nonimpact, nonresident


Object, Object Attribute, Object Class, object code, Object Directory Object, Object Domain, Object Handle, Object Id, object language, Object Linking and Embedding, Object Model, object module, object oriented, Object Packager, object program, Object Service, Object Table, Object Trustees, Object Type, object-based, object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, object-oriented programming, object-oriented testing, objective, objective criterion, objective function, objective performance, objective probability, objectivity, observability, observable variable, observation noise, observe, to, OCR, octal numbering system, octave, Octet, octet sequence integrity, octet, byte, odd, odd function, odd harmonic, odd parity check, OEM, OEM Preinstallation Wizard, OEM Reset Reminder, off, off-hook (telefon), Off-Hours, off-line, off-line encipherment, off-line encrypting, off-line operation, off-line printer, off-line testing, Off-Page Connector, off-position, off-premise line, off-site processing, off-site storage location, off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf software; shelfware, Offending, office, office automation, office call, office computer, offline, Offline Address Book, Offline Network, Offline Network Agent, offset, offset stacking, OK, Okey (Ok.), OLE, oligarchic network, omit, omnidirectional, on, on load, on load, on load operation, On Screen Display, on site, on state, on the fly, on-board, on-chip, on-hook (telefon), on-line, on-line data collection, on-line encrypting, on-line equipment, on-line help, on-line real time, on-line testing, on-off transmission, on-position, On-Screen Keyboard, one digit adder, one digit operation, one pass assembler, one pass compiler, one to one and onto mapping, one to one function, one way, one way repeater, one's complement, one-address instruction, online, Online Editing, Online Help, Online Registration, Online Registration Wizard, onto mapping, Ontrack Disk Manager, opacity, opaque, Opcode, Open, open (n), open (v), Open Architecture, open circuit, open ended, open ended evolution, open ended question, Open File, open interval, Open Look, open loop system, open mapping, open media framework, open network architecture, open path, open system, open systems architecture, Open Systems Interconnection, Open Systems Interconnection Architecture, Open Type Font, open wire, operand, operand address, operand field, operand register, operate, operating conditions, operating instructions, instructions for use, operating life, operating memory, operating system, operation, operation code, operational amplifier, operational cycle, operational game, Operationel, operations research, operator, operator manual, opposite, optical, optical bus, optical character reader, optical character recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), optical connector, optical coupler, optical disk, optical disk platter, optical fiber, optical image, optical information storage, Optical Medium, optical network, optical scanner, optical scanning, optical sensor, optimal, optimal approximation, optimal control, optimal encoding, optimization, optimum, option, optional, Optional Component Manager Library, opto-coupler, Or, orbit, orbit, to (a satellite), Order, order (n), order (v), order of magnitude, order of the system, order statistic, ordered list, ordering bias


pace, pacing, pack, package, packed data, packed field, packet, packet buffer, Packet Delivery, packet format, packet header, Packet Internet Gropper (PING), Packet Loss, packet mode terminal, packet network node, packet radio, packet sequencing, packet switching network, packet terminal, Packet Tracing, packetized voice, Packetizer, packing density, pad, paddle, page, page addressing, page break, page down, Page Fault, Page File, Page Frame, Page Frame Database, page layout, page limit, page number, page overflow, page printer, page protection, page registration, page segment, Page Setup, Page Table, Page Table Entry, page up, pageable, paged memory, Paged Memory Management Unit, Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU), paginate, paging, paint, paint box, pair (elektrik), paired, paired cable, Paisley, palette, palmtop computer, PAM, Pane, panel, panning, Paper, paper guide, paper jam, paper registration, paper release, paperless office, paperless society, paradox, paragraph, Paragraph Mark, parallel, parallel architecture, parallel connection, parallel interface, parallel port, Parallel Port Interface, Parallel Port Mode, parallel processing, parallel run, parallel to serial, parallel transfer, Parameter, parameterize, parasitic virus, parent, Parent directory, Parent Domain, parent element, parent node, parenthesis, parity, parity bit, parity setting, Parity Stripes, parse, parser, parsing, partial, partial sum, participle, Partition, partition coefficient, partition function, Partition Table, partner, pass, pass-through, Pass-Through Authentication, passband, passive, passive redundancy, passivity, Password, password control, Password For Private Key, Password Generation Wizard, Password History, Password List, password protection, Password Synchronization Scheme, Password Uniqueness, paste, patch, patch cord, patch panel, path, path analysis, path length, path of infection, path testing, Pathname, pathological, pattern, Pattern Background, Pattern Foreground, pattern generator, pattern matching, pattern recognition, pause, Payload Type, PB, PB Frames, PC, PCI, PCI To ISA Docking Bridge, PCI To PCI Docking Bridge, PCI-Docking Bridge, PCI-Docking Host Bridge, PCM, PCM Sample Rate, peak, peak clipper, peak detector, peak output, Peak Rate Per Flow, peak to peak amplitude, peaked traffic, peakedness factor, peer, Peer Domain, peer entities, peer to peer, pel, pen plotter, pen recorder, pen travel, pen-based computer, pending, penetration, perceive, to, percent, percentile, perception, perception threshold, perceptual, Perfect Forward Secrecy, perforated, perforation, perforator, perform, performance, performance index, performance measurement, Performance Monitor, performance testing, period, periodic, periodic duty, Periodic-Announcement Timer, peripheral, peripheral bus, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), peripheral control unit, peripheral equipment, peripheral interface, peripheral processor, permanent


QASK, QPSK, quad, quad tree, quadrant, quadratic, quadratic form, quadrature, quadrature amplitude modulation, qualifier, qualify, qualimetry, qualitative, qualitative data, qualitative measurement, quality, quality assurance, quality control, quality metric, Quality of Service, quality of service, QOS, quantal response, quantify, quantitative, quantitative data, quantitative measurement, quantity, quantization, quantization error, quantize, to, quantized signal, quantizer, quantizer aperture, quantizer stepsize, Quantum Type And Length, quasi-, query, query language, query session, queue, queue discipline, queue, to, queued access method, queued message, Queued Printing, queueing delay, queueing system, quick, Quick edit Mode, Quick Fax Viewer, Quick LPC, Quick Viewer, quiesce, Quiescent, quiet, quincux, quit, quit; exit, quorum, Quota, Quota Management, quotation mark, quotient


rack, rack-mounted, radiation, radio button, Radius Server, ragged edge, Raise, Raise(to), RAM, RAm-Animation, random, random access, random error, random experiment, random number generator, random process, random-access memory(RAM), randomization, randomize, to, range, rank, rank correlation, raster, Raster Fonts (Bitmap Fonts), raster grid, raster scan, rate, rated value, rating, ratio, Rational, rational number, raw, raw data, re-, reaction set, reaction time, reactive, read, Read (Rx), Read Only, Read Only Memory, Read Only Memory (ROM), read only memory, ROM, read write, read write cycle, readability, reader, readout, ready, ready status word, real, Real Formatting, real function, real number, real time, real time processing, Real Time Protocol, real world scene (virtual reality), Real-Mode Drivers, Real-Time Animation, realizable, realizable system, realize, to, rearrange, reasonableness check, Reasoning, Reassembled Samples, reassembly, Reassign, Reattached Disk, reboot, Recalibrate, recall, receipt, receive, receive buffer, receive only terminal, receive power, receive, reception, receive, to, receiver, recent, receptacle, reception, reciprocal, reciprocity, reclamation, recognition, reconfiguration, Reconnect, reconstruction, Record, record (noun), record (verb), record layout, record length, record segmentation, Record Separator, recordable optical disk, recorder, recording device, recording medium, recover, recoverable, recovery, Recovery Backup, Recovery Preparation, Recovery Preparation Wizard, recovery procedure, Recovery Save Set, Recovery Set, recovery time, Recovery Wizard, rectangular pulse, rectification, rectified value, rectifier, recursion, recursive, Recursive Delete, recursive procedure, recycle, redirecting, Redirector, Redo Catalog, reduce, Reduced Instruction Set Computer, Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC), reduction, redundancy, redundancy check, redundancy reduction, redundant, redundant code, redundant information, reel, reengineering, reentrant program, refer, refer, to, reference, reference conditions, reference configuration, reference data, reference paper, reference point, reference standard, references, reflect, Reflection, refresh, refresh rate, Refuse, regenerate, regeneration, region, region growing, region merging, region of convergence, Region Scaling, register, register arrangement, register oriented architecture, Registered Drivers Internet Site, registered trademark, Registry, Registry Editor, Registry Key, Registry-Transaction, regression, regression curve, Regular Account, regularity, regularization, Reinstall, reiterate, reject, relation, relational, relational database, relational language, relational operator, relative, relative address, Relative Distinguished Name, relative error, Relative Name, relativistic, relay, release, relevance, Relevant, reliability, reliability engineering, reliable instrument, relocatability, relocatable address, relocatable program, relocate


S-interface, SAA, safety factor, safety margin, same, sample, sample design, sample point, sample size, sample space, sampled data system, sampled signal, Sampler, sampling, sampling frequency, SATAN, satellite, satellite computer, saturation, save, save as, sawtooth generator, sawtooth pulse, Sbp2 Transport/Protocol Filter Driver, scalability, scalable architecture, scalable coding, scalable network, scalar, Scalar Medium Changers, scalar quantity, scale (n), scale (v), scale division, scaling, scaling factor, scan, Scan (An Image), scan a disk for viruses, to, scan line, scanner, scanning, scanning device, scanning frequency, Scanveging, Scatter, Scatter Chart, scatter diagram, schedule, schedule, to, Scheduled Session, Scheduled Task Wizard, Scheduled Tasks, Scheduler Job Object, Scheduler Queue Object, scheduling, scientific notation, scissoring, scope, scramble a signal, to, scrambler, scrap file, Scratch, Scratch File, Scratch Pool, Scratch Set, scratchpad memory, screen, screen burn, screen efficiency, Screen Fonts, screen grid, screen printing, Screen Reader, Screen Saver, screen shot, screen terminal, screen, to, screened cable, script, Script Editor, scripting, scroll, scroll bar, scroll box, scroll by the windowful, scroll mode, scrolling, scrolling terminal, SCSI, search, search and replace, search cycle, Search direction, search engine, search key, search path, Search Results List, search word, secondary, secondary relay, secondary routes, Seconds-Since-Boot Threshold, section, Section break, Section Heading, Section Mark, Section Property, Section Start, Section Title, sector, Secure, Secure Authentication, Secure Channel, secure computer system, Secure Password Authentication (SPA), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL ), security, Security Accounts Manager, security administrator, Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN ), security analysis, Security Audit, security audit trail, Security Audits, security breach, security classification, security configuration, Security Configuration Editor, security copy; backup copy, Security Descriptor, security filter, Security Id, Security Identifier (Sıd), Security Inspection, security kernel, security layer, security lock, security measure, Security Method, security of data, security of information, security officer, security policy, security shell, security strategy, Security Subsystem, Security Support Provider, security violation, seek, segment, segment mark, segment, to, segmentation, seize, seizure, select, Select All, selected, Selected Item, Selection, selection signal, selective, selective call processing, selective dump, selective erasing, selective sort, selectivity, selector channel, selector circuit, selector switch, self, self adapting, self check, Self explanatory, self service machine, self test, self-adaptive system, self-complementing code, self-destructing program, self-documenting, self-maintained discharge, self-organizing, self-parking disk drive, Self-Timer, semantic error, semantic labelling, semantic region growing, semantics, Semantics Error, semaphore, semi-, semi-permanent connection, semiconductor, semiconductor memory, semiconductor sensor, semiconductor switch, Seminar, semiotic, send


tab, Tab Character, Tab Delimited, Tab Dialog, tab marker, Tab Position, tab ruler, Tab stop, table, Table Analyzer Wizard, Table cell, table lookup, Table of Contents, Table Update Autoformat, tableau, tablet, tabloid, tabulate, tag, Tag For Routes, Tag Image File Format, Tag Image File Format (TIFF), Tagged Image File Format file(TIFF), tailor, tap, tape, Tape Backup, Tape backup device, tape cartridge, tape deck, tape drive, tape dump, tape mark, tape reel, taper, to, tapping point, target, target address, target identification, target language, tariff, task, task force, Task list, task management, Task Manager, task migration, Task Scheduler, Task-driven, taxi-cab metric, taxonomy, Tbusy, TCFS, TCP, TCP Header, TCP Utilities, TCP/IP Protocol, teachware, technical, technical literature, technical management, Technical Support, Technical Support Deptartment, telecommunication, telecommunication path, telecommunication security, telecommuting, teleconferencing, teleeducation, teleinstruction, telemarketing, telemeasuring equipment, telemedicine, telemetry, telemonitoring, teleprocessing, teleprocessing network, teleservice, teleshopping, telewriting, Telnet, Telnet Terminal Id, template, Template Account, temporary, tensile, tentative, Terabyte, term, terminal, terminal emulation, Terminal Emulator, Terminal Keys, Terminal Modes, terminal multiplexer, terminal node, terminal server, terminate, terminate and stay resident, terminated in, terminated line, termination, Terminator, ternary, ternary code, test, test bit pattern, test data, test design, test loop, test plan, test program, test statistic, test traffic, testability, testbed, text, Text Box Link, text editing, text editor, text formatter, Text Mode, text processing, text string, Text-To-Speech, textual, textural, Texture, texture analysis, texture features, texture map, Texture Or Surface Mapping, texture segmentation, texture(graphics), Thai Kedmanee, Thai Kedmanee (Non-Shiftlock), Thai Pattachote, Thai Pattachote (Non-Shiftlock), theory, thermal, Thesaurus, Thick, thick Ethernet, Thin, thin Ethernet, thin route network, third generation computer, third party, third party software, This disk is damaged, thousands separator, thrashing, Thread, Thread Dispatching, Thread Local Storage, Thread Scheduling, three dimensional (3D) graphics, three dimensional (3D) modelling, threshold, threshold function, threshold gate, Throttle Mechanism, through traffic, throughput, tick, Tick Count, Ticket, Ticket Renewal, tie line, TIFF, tightly coupled, Tilda, tile, time, time and data stamping, time average, time bomb, time delay, time division, time division multiplexing, TDM, time format, time frame, time interval, time jitter, time management, time out, time program, time register, time sharing, time shift, time slice, time slicing, time slot interchange, time stamp, Time to Live (TTL), Time Zone, time-base generator, Timeframe, timeout, timer


U-interface, UART, UDP, UDP Listener Ports, UI (User Interface), UI(User Interface), uilt-In Group, ultraviolet, Unable, unary, Unassign, Unassign(to), Unassigned Copy, unattended, unattended (non-attended) station, unattended messaging, unattended mode, unattended operation, unavailable, unbalanced, unbalanced error, unbalanced line, unbiased estimator, unbind, unblock, Uncheck, uncheck(to), unconditional, unconditional jump, undelete, to, underflow, to, underline, underscore, underscore, to, undetermined, undirected graph, undo, undo, to, Unexpected Object, unformatted, unformatted display, UNI, Unicode, uniform, uniform random number, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), uniform sampling, Unindent, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), uninterrupted power supply, Union, union of sets, union(SQL), unipolar, unique, unique solution, uniquely decodable, Uniqueness Database File, unit, unit distance code, unit impulse, Unit of measurement, Unit Separator, unit string, unit vector, units position, universal, universal asynch. receiver transmitter, universal keyboard, universal product code, universal set, Universal Time Coordinated, Unix-To-Unix Copy, Unknown, unlink, Unlisted Driver, Unload, unload tape, Unlock, unlock(to), Unlocked, unmapped, unmarked, unmount, unnamed, unnested, unnumbered, unordered, unordered list, unpack, Unreachability Reason, unrecoverable, unsigned integer, Unspike, UNSPIKE(Keyname), Untitled, unwind, Unzip, Up, up-time, up-to-date, update, Update Device Driver Wizard, Update Sequence Number, update transaction, Updated Driver, upgrade, Upgrade kit, Upgrade Wizard, Upgrade Wizard-Printing, upgradeability, uplink, upload, Upper, uppercase, UPS, Upside down, upsizing, upstream, upward compatibility, URL, usability, usability test, usable, USB Personality Module, Usenet, user, user account, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), user defined key, user documentation, User Environment, user exit, User Files, user friendly/user-friendly, user group, user id, user interaction, user interface, User Interface (UI) Class, User Manager, user manual, User Mode, User Network (Usenet), user profile, User Profile Editor, user programs, user set, user terminal, user's guide, user's reference, User-To-Network Interface, User-To-Network Interface (UNI), user´s guide, User´s Reference, UTC, Utilities, utility, utility (program)


V-interface (ISDN), V-series recommendations, vaccine program, Valid, validate, Validate a User's Logon Request, validation check, validity, value, value added carrier, value added network, value added service, Value Y Axis, vandalware, variable, variable length coding, variable size record, variable word length, variance, variance reduction technique, variant, vary off, vary on, VDT, vector, Vector Font, vector graphic, vector processing, Vector Symbol Set (VSS), vector symbol set(VSS), vectorial, vendor, Venn diagram, verification, verification and validation, verify, Verify Operation, verify, to, versatile, version, vertical, vertical blanking, vertical redundancy check, vertical scroll box, vertical tabulation, very large scale integration, VLSI, VGA, video, video attribute, video card, video coding, Video Delay, video display terminal, VDT, Video Format, Video Frame, video frequency, video frequency band, video graphics, Video Graphics Adapter, Video Graphics Adapter (VGA), Video Graphics Array, video in a window, Video Loss, video memory, video monitor, video on demand, video resolution, Video screen, Video Sequence, video signal, video tape, videoconferencing, view, view menu, viewpoint, Viewport Size, virgin medium, virtual, virtual address, Virtual Address Space, virtual circuit, virtual computer, virtual connection, Virtual Directory, Virtual DOS Machine (VDM), Virtual File, virtual image, virtual memory, Virtual Memory (VM), Virtual Memory Management, Virtual Memory Manager, virtual nachine, Virtual Neighbor Router, virtual network, Virtual Private Network (VPN ), virtual reality, virtual storage, virtual terminal, virtual terminal protocol, virtual work, virus, virus attack, virus carrier, virus code, virus detection program, virus detection utility, virus disinfector, virus hunter program, virus ID, virus infiltration route, virus removal software, virus scanning software, virusfree computer, virusfree system, virusproof, virusware, vision, visual, Visual Warning, visualization, VlS Medium Changers, VLSI, vocabulary, voice, voice frequency, voice mail, voice recognition, Voice Services, voice synthesizer, voice-grade channel, voiceband data transmission, void, volatile, Volatile Key, volatile memory, volatility, volume, Volume Bitmap, Volume Control, volume label, Volume Manager, Volume Object, Volume Serial Number, Volume-Set, VPN, VSS, vulnerability


wafer, WAIS, wait, wait condition, wait state, WAN, wand (reader), wanding, warm start, warm-up period, warning, Warning beep, warning message, warning signal, watchdog timer, wave, wave train, waveform coding, waveform distortion, wavelength, way, Wbem User Manager, Web, Web Browser, Web Open, Web page, Web Printer Shell Extension, Web robot, Web Server Internet Address, web site, Webbot Registration Component, Webmaster, Weekday, wet, What You Print Is What You Fax, What You See Before You Get It, What You See Is What You Get, Wheel, Whisper Box, Whisper Headers, White Balance (Default), White Pages, White Temperature, Whiteboard, Whole, Wide, Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS), wide area network, Wide Area Network (WAN), wide area network, WAN, wideband, Widen, widen(to), widow control, widow line, width, Wildcard, wildcard character, Win32 API, window, Window Title Bars, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), Windows Internet Naning Service (WINS), Windows Keys, Windows On Win32 (Wow), Windows Reporting Tool, Windows Time Service, WINNT Namespace Object, WINNT Provider Object, WINS, Wıns Manager Snap-In Wizard, wire, Wire-Frame Represertation, wireframe, wireless, wireless communication, wireless modem, wiring diagram, Wizard, word, word length, word processing, word size; word length, word wrap, work, work area, work breakdown structure, Work file, Work Menu, Workfile, Workgroup, Workgroup Administrator, Workgroup Information, Workgroup Postoffice, working directory, working group, Working Set, working standard, working storage, workload, worksheet, Workspace, workstation, World Wide Web (WWW ), World Wide Web (WWW), WORM, worm(write-once-read-many), WORM; Write Once Read Many, wound core, wrap-around, wraparound, Wrapper, write, write access, write current, write cycle, write enable notch, write head, write once optical disk; WOOD, Write Protect, Write Protect Notch, Write Protect Tab, Write Protected, write register, Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM), WWW, WYSIWYG




zero address instruction, zero bit insertion, zero code suppression, Zero Index Carrier Return, Zero Width Joiner, Zero Width Non-Joiner, zerofill, zeroise, Zip, Zip Code, zone, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom Out, zoom(to)

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