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Abrasive, Absolute, Absorption, Absorptivity, Acceleration, Acceptance Sampling Plan, Accumulation, Accuracy, Acetic Acid, Acidity Regulators, Acoustic Drying, Action Times, Activation Energy, Actuator, Adaptive Control, Adiabatic, Adiabatic Saturation, Adiabatic Saturation Temperature, Adiabatic-Saturation Curve, Adsorbent, Adsorption Isotherm, Agar Diffusion, Agar Medium, Agar Slant, Aging, Agitation, Agitator, Air Leak, Air Supply, Air-Lift Dryers, Airborne, Airflow Arrangements, Spray Dryers, Alcoholic Beverages, Algae, Algebra, Amorphous, Amplitude Ratio, Analogous Quantities, Analysis Of Variance, Anchor, Anhydrous, Anticaking, Antifoam, Antioxidant, Arithmetic Mean, Arithmetic Mean Diameter, Aroma, Assumption, Atomizers: Rotating Disks,Spray Nozzles, Attenuation Ratio, Attribute Analysis, Autoclave, Automatic Reset, Averaging Control, Axial, Azeotrop


Bacteria (plural), Bactericidal, Bactericide, Bacteriophage, Bacteriosin, Bacteriostat, Bacteriostatic, Bacterium (singular), Baffle-Nozzle System, Bagasse, Bakery Products, Baker’s Yeast, Band-Dryers, Basis, Batch, Batch Drying, Batch Process, Batch Reactor, Beam Length, Belt Dryers, Binary, Binding Site, Bingham Plastic, Binomial Distribution, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Biodegradation, Biomass, Bioprocess, Bioreaction, Biosynthesis, Biotransformation, Black Body, Blanching, Bleaching, Block Diagram, Blurred Vision, Bode Diagram, Bode Stability Criterion, Boil, Boiling / Bubble Point, Bone Dry Gas, Bone-Dry Air, Bone-Dry Solid, Bound Moisture, Bound-Water, Boundary Condition, Bran, Brewery, Brewing, Bright Field Microscope, Broth Medium, Browning, Bubble Cap Tray, Bubble Point, Budding, Bulk Culture, Butter, Buttermilk, By-product (side product)


Calorific Value, Capacitance (Electrical), Capacitance Analogies, Capacitance-Only System, Capacity, Capillary, Capillary Condensation, Capillary Flow, Capillary Potential, Capillary Relaxation, Capillary-Porous Materials, Capsid, Capsul, Caramelization, Carcass, Cascade Control, Casing, Caustic Soda, Cell Membrane, Cell Wall, Central Composite Design, Central Limit Theorem, Central Points, Centrifugal Pump Santrifüjlü Pompa, Cereal, Chain Reaction, Characteristic Drying Curve, Characteristic Equation, Characteristic Moisture Content, Chealating agent, Cheese, Chemical Dehydration, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Chemical Potential, Chemostat, Chewiness, Chi-Square Distribution, Chopping (Et), Cider, Cilia, Clamped Signals, Clarification, Class, Cleaning In Place(CIP), Cleaning Out Of Place (COP), Closed Loop, Clustered Random Sampling, Co-Current Drying, Coagulation, Coalescence, Cocci, Cocurrent, Cocurrent Flow, Codon, Cofactor, Coffee Beans, Collagen, Collapse, Collision, Colloidal Properties, Colony, Competive Inhibition, Complex Control Systems, Complex Process Analysis, Compliance, Component, Component Balance, Compressibility Factor, Compressible, Compressive Stress, Compressor, Computer Control, Concentrated, Concentration, Concentric, Conching, Condensate, Condensation, Condenser, Conduction, Confection, Confidence Limits, Conjugation, Constant-Rate Period, Consumption, Contact Angle, Contact Dryers, Contaminated Food, Contamination, Continuous, Continuous Control Action, Continuous Drying, Continuous Flow, Contraction, Control, Control Charts, Control Points, Control Valve, Control Volume, Controllability, Controller, Controller Settings, Convection, Convective Dryer, Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient, Convective-Radiative Drying, Conversion, Conversion Factor, Corn Steep Liquor, Correlation, Cortex, Cossette, Cost, Counter stain, Countercurrent, Countercurrent Flow, Covariance, Creep, Critical Control Points, Critical Damping, Critical Frequency, Critical Moisture Content, Critical Point, Critical Thickness Of Insulation, Critical-Oscillation Period, Cross Current, Crust, Crustacean, Crystallization, Crystallizer, Cultivation, Curd, Curing, Cyclone


Damp, Damped Frequency, Damping, Dark-field Microscope, Data Set, Datum Temperature, Deactivation, Dead Phase, Dead Time, Dead-Zone, Decay Ratio, Decimal Reduction Time, Deformation, Degree Of Completion, Degree Of Freedom, Degree Of Superheat, Dehumidification, Dehydration, Delay Time, Denaturation, Density, Dependent Variable, Derivative, Derivative Control Action, Descriptive Statistics, Design Of Experiments, Desorption, Desorption Isotherm, Deterioration, Deviation, Dew Point, Dialysis, Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Dryer, Dielectric Heating, Dielectric Loss, Differential Element, Differential Heat Of Wetting, Differential Manometer, Differential Staining, Diffuse Reflection, Diffuse Transmission, Diffusion, Diffusion Coefficient, Diffusivity, Diffusivity, Dilatant, Dilute, Dilution Rate, Dimension, Dipolar Rotation, Direct Digital Control, Direct Heating, Discoloration, Discontinuous Control Action, Disperse, Distance-Velocity Delay, Distillate, Distillation, Distributed Parameters, Dizziness, Dormant, Drag Force, Dressing, Driving Force, Droplet, Drum Dryer, Dry Bulb Temperature, Drying, Drying Behaviour, Drying Chamber, Drying Cost, Drying Curve, Drying Data, Drying Rate, Drying Stress, Duncan's Multiple Test, Dust Collection, Dynamic Error


Effective Time Constants, Effectiveness, Effectiveness Factor, Effervescence, Efficiency, Effluent, Effusion, Effusion Resistance Coefficient, Elastic Limit, Elastic-Plastic Stretching, Elasticity, Electrical Conductivity, Electrical Resistivity, Electron Microscope, Electronic Controller, Electronic Noise, Emission Band, Emissive Power, Emissivity Y, Emulsifier, Emulsion, End Effect, Endotoxin, Energy Balance, Energy Regulator, Enriched Medium, Enteric Pathogens, Enterotoxin, Enthalpy, Entropy, Equation Of Continuity, Equilibrium, Equilibrium Line (Curve), Equilibrium Moisture, Equilibrium Temperature, Equilibrium-Moisture Content, Equimolar, Equivalent Diameter, Eradicate, Error, Error Function, Error-Integral, Eukaryote, Evaporation, Evaporative Surface, Evaporator, Evisceration, Excess Reactant, Exothermic Reaction, Exotoxin, Expert Panel, Explant, Exponential Growth, Extract, Extraction, Extrinsic Parameters, Extrusion


Factorial Points, Facultative, Falling-Rate Period, Fan, Fat, Fatty Acid, Fecal Contamination, Feces, Fed-batch Operation, Fed-batch Process, Feed, Feed Flow Rate, Feedback, Feedforward, Feeding Arrangement, Fermentation, Fermented Sausage, Fermentor, Fever, Field Tuning, Filtration, Fin, Finite Difference Method, Firmness, First Order System, First-Order Stage, Fixation, Flagella (plural), Flagellum (singular), Flash Distillation, Flash Temperature, Flavor, Fleurescens Mic., Floating Control Action, Fluctuation, Flue Gas (Exhaust Gas), Fluid, Fluid-Bed Dryer, Fluidized Bed, Flux, Foam, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Foodborne llness, Forced Convection, Fortification, Fortified Wine, Fouling Factor, Fraction, Fractional Factorial Design, Fracturability, Free Contraction, Free Convection, Free Moisture, Free Radical, Free Surface Flows, Freeze Drier, Freeze Drying, Frequency, Frequency Response, Friction Loss, Fugacity, Fumigation, Fungi, Fungus


Gain, Gastroenteritidis, Gate, Gauge Pressure, Gel, Gel Electrophoresis, Gelatinization, Gelling, Gene, Gene Expression, Gene Regulation, Generation, Generation Time, Genome, Genus, Germ, Germination, Glazing, Gloss, Gram Staining, Gravity, Grey Body, Growth of m/o, Growth Phases, Gum


HACCP, Half Life, Halophiles, Hanging-drop Technique, Hardness, Harvest, Hazardous m/o, Heat Capacity, Heat Exchanger, Heat Flow, Heat Flux, Heat Generation, Heat Of Combustion, Calorific Value, Heat Of Vaporization, Heat Of Wetting, Heat Resistance, Heat Resistant Bacteria, Heat Sensitive Bacteria, Heat Transfer, Heat-Transfer Coefficient, Heat-Transfer Flux, Hedonic Scale, Heterofermentative, Higher Heating Value, Hold-Back, Hold-Up, Homofermentative, Homogenization, Hops, Horticulture, Hulling, Humid Enthalpy, Humid Heat, Humidification, Humidity, Humidity Measurement, Hygrometry, Humidity Potential, Hunter Lab Color System Hunter Lab, Hydrogenation, Hydrometer, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Hygrometry, Hygroscopic, Hygroscopic-Moisture Content, Hygroscopic-Saturation Temperature, Hypertonic, Hypothesis Testing, Hypotonic Solution, Hysteresis


Immobilization, Impeller, Implementation, Incident Radiation, Incomplete Block Design, Incompressible, Incubation, Incubator, Independent Variables, Indicator, Indirect Heating, Inert, Infected Person, Infection, Infra-Red Heating, Infrared, Inhibition, Inhibitor, Initial Condition, Injured Cell, Inoculation, Inoculum, Input, Insecticide, Instability, Insulation, Insulator, Integral, Integral Bellows, Integral Control Action, Integral Heat Of Wetting, Integrating System, Interaction, Interface, Interfacial Tension, Intermediate Culture, Intermediates, Intoxication, Intrinsic Parameters, Irreversible, Isobaric Expansion, Isotherm, Isothermal Compression, Isotonic Solution




Kefir, Kilning, Kumiss, Kurtosis


Lactic Acid, Lag, Lag Phase, Laminar Flow, Laplace Transformation, Lard, Latent Heat, Leaching, Leaven, Legume, Lever Arm, Limiting Reactant, Linear Regression, Linear-Shear Coefficient, Linear-Shrinkage Coefficient, Linearization, Lipid, Liquid Culture, Liquid-Extraction, Load Change, Locust Bean Gum, Log Mean Area, Log Mean Temperature Difference, Loop, Lower Control Limit, Lower Heating Value, LSD Test, Lumped Parameter Model, Lysogenic Bacteria


Malo-Lactic Enzyme, Malt, Malting, Maltodextrin, Mashing, Mass Balance, Mass Flux, Mass Fraction, Mass Mean Diameter, Mass-Transfer Coefficient, Mass-Transfer Flux, Maturity, Mean Heat Capacity, Measuring Lag, Median, Membrane, Mesophilic, Microcapillary, Microwave Dielectric Constant, Microwave Heating, Mill, Milling, Minimum Fluidization Velocity, Miscible, Miscible (Soluble), Mixed Culture, Mixture Design, Mode, Modified Starch, Modulus, Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, Moistness, Degree Of, Moisture, Moisture Balance, Moisture Conductivity, Moisture Content, Moisture Isotherm, Moisture Retention, Moisture Bonding, Moisture-Solid Equilibrium, Molasses, Mold, Mole Fraction, Momentum, Momentum Diffusivity, Monomolecular Sorption, Most Probable Number, Mother Culture, Multimolecular Sorption, Multiple Comparison Test, Multiple-Stage, Multistaged Dryers, Munsell Color System, Mycotoxin


Nausea, Negative Effector, Neurotoxin, Noncompetitive Inhibition, Normal Distribution, Normal Stress, Number Of Transfer Units (NTU), Nyquist Diagram


Objective Methods, Odor, Oil, Oilseed, Open Loop, Open System, Operating Line, Optimization, Order, Orifice Meter, Orthogonal, Oscillation, Osmophilic Organisms, Osmosis, Output, Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient, Overshoot, Oxidation


P Chart With Constant Lot Size, P Chart With Variable Lot Size, Packed Bed, Packed Column, Packed-bed, Packing Arrangement, Paddle, Paired Comparison, Papaya, Paper Disk Method, Parallel Plate Viscometer, Paralysis, Partial Pressure, Pasta, Pasteurization, Path, Path Function, Pathogen, Pathogenic Bacteria, Pathway, Penetration, Penetration Depth, Perforated / Sieve Tray, Peritrichous, Permeability, Petri Plates, Phage, Phase, Phase-contrast Microscope, Phenomenological Coefficient, Phosphate Pathway, Phosphoketolase Pathway, Photosynthesis, Physical Attributes, Pickle, Pili, Pitot Tube, Plane Walls In Series, Plasmid, Plasmolysis, Plasticity, Plug Flow, Pneumatic, Poisson Distribution, Polar, Poliomyelitis, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Population, Pore, Porosity, Porous, Porous Materials, Positive Effectors, Positive-Displacement Pump, Potential, Pour Plate Technique, Power Number, Pre-enrichment, Precision, Primary Metabolite, Primary Stain, Probability, Probe, Probioitic, Procaryote, Process, Promoter, Propeller, Propionic Acid, Proportional, Proportional Control Action, Prostration, Protoplast, Pryruvate, Pseudo First Order, Pseudo-Wet-Bulb Temperature, Pseudoplastic, Psychrometer, Psychrotrophs, Psycrophile, Pulp, Pulse Transfer Function, Pure Culture, Purge, Purification, Pycnometer


Quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Control Charts, Quality Control Programme, Quality Evaluation


Racking, Radiation, Radiative Dryer, Radiative Heat-Transfer Coefficient, Raffinate, Rancidity, Random Mutation, Range, Rank, Rash, Rate Constant, Reactor(CSTR), Recombination, Recovery, Rectilinear Transmission, Recycle, Recycle Ratio, Reduced Pressure, Reflectivity, Reflux, Regression Analysis, Relative Humidity, Relative Volatility, Rendering, Replication, Resilience, Resistance Bridge, Resistivity, Resonant, Respiration, Response Surface Design, Response Surface Methodology, Response Variables, Reversible, Rheology, Rigor Mortis, Rinse, Ripening, Roasting, Ropiness, Rotameter, Rotary Dryer


Safety, Salt Tolerant Bacteria, Sanitation, Sanitizer, Saponification, Saturated Liquid, Saturated Vapor, Saturation, Sauerkraut, Scalding, Scarlet Fever, Scouring Compounds, Scraper, Screen, Screening Panels, Second Order System, Secondary Metabolite, Sedimentation, Selective, Selectivity, Self Regulation, Semi Batch Reactor, Semi-Batch Process, Semolina, Sensible Heat, Sensory Evaluation, Sensory Testing, Separation, Separation Of Variables, Septicaemia, Sequesterant, Sequestering Agent, Servo-System, Shape Factor, Shear Strain, Shelf-life, Shell Momentum Balance, Shewart Quality Control Charts, Shortening (Genellikle), Shrinkage, Sieving, Signal, Simple Random Sampling, Simple Staining, Single Way Anova, Single-Stage, Sinusoidal Forcing, Sinusoidal Response, Site-Directed Mutation, Skewness, Slaughtering, Slime Layer, Smoking, Snapping-Bending, Solar Drying, Solid Density, Solubility, Solvent Dehydration, Sore Throat, Sorption Isotherm, Sorting, Sour Cream, Sourdough, Soy Sauce, Sparkling Wine, Species, Specific Evaporative Capacity, Specific Gravity, Specific Heat, Specific Volume, Specular Reflection, Splitter, Spoilage, Sponge, Sporeformer, Spray Drier, Spread Plate Technique, Springiness, Stabilizer, Stack Gas, Stage, Stagnant, Staling, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Standard Sampling Plans, Starter Culture, Stationary, Stationary Phase, Steady State, Steam Table, Steeping, Step Forcing, Step Response, Stiffness, Stock Culture, Strain, Stratified Random Sampling, Stray Column, Streak Plate, Stress, Stress Relaxation, Stripping, Student T Distribution, Stuffing, Stuffing Box, Subjective Methods, Sublimation, Subsidence Ratio, Substrate, Suction Potential, Super-Position, Superheated Vapor, Superheated-Solvent Drying, Superheated-Steam Drying, Surface Force, Surface Tension, Surfactant, Syrup


Temperature Gradient, Tempering, Tenderizing, Tensile Stress, Terminal Velocity, Texture, Texture Profile Analysis, Thawing, Theoretical, Theoretical Amount, Thermal, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusion, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Resistance, Thermodynamic Force, Thermogram, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Thermophilic, Thickener, Thickening, Three Way Anova, Threshold, Threshold Values, Through-Circulation Drying, Tie Component, Tie Line, Time Constant, Tortuosity, Total Mass Balance, Transcription, Transducer, Transfer Flux, Transfer Function, Transformation, Transgenic, Transient, Transient Response, Transition Region, Translation, Transmission, Transpiration, Tray Dryer, Triple Point, True Density, Tukey's Test, Tuning, Tunnel Drier (Dryer), Turbidity, Turbine, Turbine Agitator, Turbo-Tray Dryer, Turbulent Flow, Turndown Ratio, Two Way Anova


Unbound-Water, Uncompetitive Inhibition, Underdamped, Undersurface Evaporation, Undulant Fever, Uniform, Unit, Unit Operation, Unsteady State, Upper Control, USDA Sampling Plan


Vacuum Operation, Valve, Vapor Carrying Capacity, Vapor Pressure, Vaporization, Vapour Pressure, Variance, Vegetative Cell, Venturi Meter, Viable Cell, Vibrating-Conveyor Dryer, Vibrational Viscometer, View factor, Viscosity, Void, Void Fraction, Volatile, Volatility, Volumetric Evaporative Capacity, Vomiting


Wall Drag, Wall Effect, Warehouse, Water Bath, Wave, Waveband For Radiation, Weighted Average, Wet Bulb Temperature, Wet Mount Technique, Whey, Whey Powder, White Body, Winterization, Wort




Yield, Yield Coefficient, Yield Factor


Zero Damped

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