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Abrasive, Abrasive machining, Acceptance sampling, Accessory, Accuracy, Acetylene gas, Acorn nut, Actuator, Adapter, Addendum, Adhesion, Adhesive joining, Adjustment, Age hardening, Air furnace, Air-bend die, Alingment, Allen screw, Allen wrench, Allotropic changes, Allowance, Alloy, Anchor bolt, Angle, Angle milling cutter, Annealing, Annular gear, Anodizing, Anvil, Apparatus, Apron, Arbor, Arc spot welding, Arch press, Artificial aging, Assemble, Assembling, Assembly, Attachment, Austempering, Austenite, Automatic hot forging, Automatic screw machine, Axial


Backward extrusion, Bainite, Bakalite, Ball-bearing, Band sawing machine, Barrel finishing, Base, Base circle, Bastard file, Batch furnace, Batch production, Batch size, Beam, Bearing, Bearing cone, Bearing cup, Bellows, Belt, Belt polishing, Bench lathe, Bench molding, Bending, Bentonite, Bessemer converter, Bevel gear, Bevel protractor, Bilateral, Billet, Bit, Blanking, Blast furnace, Blind riser, Blister copper, Bloom, Blow molding, Bluing, Board hammer, Bolt, Bonding, Boring machine, Boring mill, Bottom board, Bottoming die, Brace, Bracket, Brass, Brazing, Break corner, Brittle, Broaching, Broaching machine, Broaching tools, Bronze, Buffing, Built-up edge, Bulging, Bulk deformation processes, Burnishing, Burr, Bushing, Butt welding, Butt-welding, Butterfly nut, Button kontrol


Calibration, Calliper, Calorizing, Cam, Cap screw, Carbide, Carbide tools, Carburizing, Carriage, Case hardening, Casting, Cavity, Cement, Cementation, Center, Center drill, Center gauge, Center punch, Center-rest, Centerless grinding, Centrifugal casting, Ceramic tools, Chain, Chamfer, Chamfer angle, Chamfer length, Chassis, Chip, Chip breaker, Chip pan, Chipless machining, Chisel, Chisel edge, Chrome plating, Chromium, Chuck, Chuking reamer, Circular pitch, Circular sawing machine, Clamp, Clapper box, Clearance, Clearance fit, Cluster mill, Clutch, Coarse file, Coating, Coefficient of friction, Coining, Coining press, Cold forging, Cold heading, Cold rolling, Cold sawing, Cold welding, Cold working, Collar, Collet, Collet holder, Column, Combination chuck, Combination die, Combined cut, Compass, Compensation, Compound die, Compound rest, Compression molding, Compressive strength, Computer numerical control (CNC), Concentric, Constitutive relation, Consumer goods, Continuous casting, Continuous chip, Continuous extrusion, Continuous process, Contour, Controlled rolling, Converter, Coolant, Cope, Copper (or cupper), Core, Core diameter (drills), Core print, Corrosion, Cost, Cotter pin, Cotton waste, Counter boring, Counter sinking, Counterblow machine, Coupling, Course, Crest, Cross-slide, Cross-wise, Crown gear, Crusible, Cryogenic, Cupola, Curling, Cutting edge, Cutting fluid, Cutting force, Cutting speed, Cyaniding


Dead center, Dedendum, Deep drawing, Deep-hole drilling, Deformation processes, Dependent variable, Depreciation, Depth gage, Depth of cut, Design engineer, Dial, Dial indicator, Diametral pitch, Diamond tools, Die, Die casting, Diffusion, Digitizing, Direct arc furnace, Direct extrusion, Disc, Discontinuous chip, Disposable pattern, Distortion allowance, Dividing head, Dog, Double housing planer, Double margin drill, Down milling, Draft allowance, Drag, Draw bar, Draw bench, Draw bending, Draw-cut shaper, Drawing, Drawing die, Drill chuck, Drill file, Drill performance, Drill point, Drilling machine, Drive, Drop forging, Drop hammer, Drop-hammer forging, Drug, Drum, Drum lathe, Ductility, Duplicating machine, Dye, Dynamometer


Eccentric, Elastic, Elastic limit, Elastic springback, Elasticity, Electric arc welding, Electric discharge machining, Electrode, Electroforming, Electrohydraulic forming, Electromechanical grinding, Electroplating, Electroslag welding, Electrotinning, Element, Elongation, Embedding, Embossing, Emery, Emery paper, Emulsion, Enamel, End clearance, End cutting edge, End-mill cutter, Endurance, Engine lathe, Equipment, Etching, Exit temperature, Expansion, Expansion reamer, Explosive forming, Extract, Extraction, Extrusion


Fabricating, Face, Face milling, Face milling cutter, Face plate, Facing, Fastening, Fatique, Feed, Feed rod, Feedback, Feedrate, Feeler gage, Ferrous metal, Fiber structure, File, Filing, Fillet, Fillet weld, Filling jig, Fillister head screw, Fillister head screw driver, Fine, Fineblanking, Finish allowance, Finishing, Finishing cut, Finishing teeth, Finishing temperature, Fit, Fixture, Flama hardening, Flame cutting, Flange, Flanging, Flank (gear), Flank wear, Flash piercing, Flash welding, Flashless forging, Flat file, Flexibility, Floating plug, Floor molding, Flow shop manufacturing, Flute, Fly nut, Fly-cutter, Follower rest, Forging, Form milling cutter, Forming, Forming limit diagram, Forward extrusion, Foundary process, Foundation, Fracture, Fracture point, Frame, Friction disc, Friction drive, Front pilot (broaches), Furnace, Fuse, Fusion welding


Gage (or gauge), Gage block, Galvanizing, Gang drilling, Gasket, Gasket ring, Gate, Gear, Gear train, Gear-cutting machine, Girder, Goggles, Grain, Grain size, Graphite, Gravity sintering, Gray cast iron, Grease, Grease gun, Grinding, Grinding machine, Grinding wheel, Grinding wheel dresser, Grindstone, Grit, Group technology, Grub screw, Guerin process, Gun drill


Hacksaw blade, Hacksaw machine, Hammer, Hand milling machine, Hardenability, Hardness, Headstock, Heat treatment, Helical gear, Helical spring, Helix angle, Herringbone gear, High speed steel, High-energy-rate forming, Hobbing, Hold-down force, Honing, Horn press, Hose, Hot spinning, Hot working, Hub, Hubbing, Hydraulic press, Hydraulic shaper, Hydroform process, Hydrostatic extrusion, Hypoid gear


I-beam, Idler gear, Impact, Impact extrusion, Impression-die forging, Impurity, Inclined press, Indentation, Independent chuck, Independent variable, Index head, Indicator, Indirect extrusion, Induction hardening, Ingot, Injection molding, Inserted tooth cutter, Inspection, Instability, Installation, Instrument, Insulation, Interference fit, Intermediate anneal, Internal grinding, Investment casting, Ironing, Isothermal forming


Jack, Jam, Jaw, Jig, Jig borer, Job, Job lot production, Job shop operation, Joining, Joint, Journal bearing


Key, Key seat, Keyway, Killed steel, Knob, Knuckle joint, Knurled nut, Knurling, Knurling too


Labor (or labour), Land, Lap joint, Lap welding, Lap-welding, Lapping, Lateral, Lathe, Lead, Lead screw, Lean production, Leather, Lever, Linkage, Linked-cell shop, Lip angle, Live center, Lock nut, Longitudional, Lubricant, Lubricating gun, Lubrication, Lubricator, Luder's bands


Machinability, Machine, Machine bed, Machine frame, Machine molding, Machine screw, Machine shop, Machine tool, Machining, Machining time, Magnet, Magnetic chuck, Maintenance, Malleable, Malleable iron, Mandrel, Mannesmann mill, Manua, Manufacturing engineer, Manufacturing process, Manufacturing processes, Manufacturing system, Margin (drills), Martensite, Mash seam weld, Masking, Mass production, Material, Measurement, Measuring, Mechanical press, Mechanism, Medium fit, Mesh, Metal, Metal removing, Metal spinning, Metal spraying, Metrology, Mica, Micrometer, Mild steel, Milling cutter, Milling machine, Minimum bend radius, Molding, Monel metal, Morse taper, Mould (or mold), Multiple cut, Multipoint, Multislide press


Nail, Nail puller, Natural, Near-net-shape forging, Neck (drills), Needle, Needle bearing, Needle file, Net-shape forging, Nipple, Nitriding, Nodular cast iron, Nodular iron, Nominal size, Nonferrous metal, Normalizing, Notching, Numerical control, Nut


Offset, Oil, Oil bath, Oil screw gun, Oil tempered, Open-die forging, Open-end wrench, Open-hearth furnace, Operation, Ore, Oriented structure, Oxidation, Oxy-acetylene welding


Pack rolling, Panel, Parallel file, Parkerizing, Pattern, Pattern allowance, Peening, Pellet, Penetration, Percussion press, Perforating, Permeability, Pickling, Piercing, Pig iron, Pin, Pincers, Pinion, Pipe, Pipe welding, Pipe wrench, Pit molding, Pitch, Pitch circle, Plain milling cutter, Plain milling machine, Planer, Planetary gear, Planetary milling machine, Plant, Plasma spray forming, Plastic, Plasticity, Plate, Plating, Pliers, Ploughing force, Plug, Plug gage, Plumber, Pneumatic gage, Pneumatic hammer, Pneumatic rammer, Point angle (drills), Pointer, Polishing, Porosity, Powder metallurgy, Precipitation hardening, Precision, Press, Press brake, Press forging, Pressing, Process, Producer goods, Product, Product life cycle, Production, Production system, Profiling machine, Progressive die, Project shop, Prototype, Protractor, Puller, Pulley, Punch, Punching


Quality control, Quantity, Quench hardening, Quenching, Quick return mechanism


Rack, Ram, Rammer, Raw, Reamer, Reaming, Recess, Recrystallization, Red hardness, Refractory, Reinforce, Relief angle, Remote control, Removable pattern, Repeatibility, Required force, Required power, Residual stress, Resin, Resistance welding, Retaining ring, Revolver head, Rigid, Ring, Ring gage, Riser, Rivet, Riveting, Rod, Roll bending, Roll extrusion, Roll forging, Roll forming, Roll straightening, Roller, Roller bearing, Rolling, Rolling mill, Rotary piercing, Rotation, Roughing cut, Roughing teeth (for broach), Roughness, Round file, Rubber, Rubber tooling, Run-out, Running fit, Rupture strength, Rust


Saddle, Safety pin, Sampling, Sand, Saw milling cutter, Saw type cutter, Sawing machine, Scale, Scissors, Scrap, Screw cutting, Screw driver, Screw machine, Seal, Seam welding, Seaming, Sensitivity, Set screw, Set-up time, Shaft, Shake allowance, Shank, Shank cutter, Shaper, Shaving, Shear angle, Shear forming, Shear strength, Shearadizing, Shearing, Sheathing, Sheave, Sheet, Sheet forming, Sheet metal screw, Sheet metal shears, Shell reamer, Shift, Shim, Shock resistance, Shot peening, Shrink fit, Shrinkage allowance, Side milling cutter, Side rake angle, Sieve, Silicon, Silver, Sine bar, Sintering, Sizing, Skelp, Skilled, Slab, Slab milling, Slag, Sleeve, Slide, Slide (kalıpçılık), Slideway, Sliding fit, Slip plane, Slitting, Slitting file, Slotter, Snap gage, Snap ring, Soaking pit, Socket, Socket adapter, Socket wrench, Soldering, Spanner, Spare, SPC, Statistical Process Control, Specific, Specification, Specimen, Speed sensitivity, Spider-mandrel die, Spindle, Spindle support, Spinning, Spirit level, Spline freze, Spot face, Spot welding, Spraying, Spring, Spring lock washer, Spring washer, Spring winding, Springback, Sprocket, Sprue, Spur gear, Square file, Square nut, Stability, Stack mold, Stainless steel, Staking, Standard, Standard deviation, Station, Stem, Step drill, Stiff, Stiffness, Storage, Strain, Strain analysis, Strain hardening, Strength, Stress, Stretch forming, Stretcher leveling, Stretcher strains, Stringers, Strip, Stripping machine, Stroke, Structure, Stud, Submerged arc welding, Subpress die, Super finishing, Superfine file, Superplastic forming, Surface finish, Surface finishing, Surface hardening, Swaging, Sweep pattern, Synchronizatio


T-slot, T-slot cutter, Tailstock, Tang (drill), Tap, Tap hole, Taper, Taper attachment, Taper file, Taper gage, Taper reamer, Taper turning, Tapered roller bearing, Tapping, Tapping machine, Tempering, Template, Tensile strength, Tension, Thermit welding, Thermomechanical processing, Thread, Thread cutting, Thumb nut, Thumb screw, Tin, Tip, Titanium, Tolerance, Tommy bar, Tool, Tool cutter, Tool cutter edge, Tool cutting edge inclination, Tool holder, Tool included, Tool life, Tool minor cutting edge angle, Tool normal clearance angle, Tool normal rake angle, Tool normal wedge angle, Tool post, Tool slide, Tooling, Toolroom, Tools, Torch, Torch cutting, Torque, Torque wrench, Torsion, Torsional strength, Toughness, Tracing, Transfer press, Transition fit, Transparent, Transverse, Treatments, Triangular file, Tribology, Trimming, Trimming machine, Tube drawing, Tumbling mill, Tungsten, Turning machine, Turret lathe, Twist drill


U-beam, Ultimate strength, Ultrasonic machining, Uniform, Unilateral, Upcut milling, Upright drill, Upset, Upset forging, Upsetting


V-block (vee-block), Valve, Vernier caliper, Vise, Void, Volatile


Warm working, Washer, Waviness, Wear, Welded steel, Welding, Welding helmet, Welding machine, Welding powder, Welding rod, White cast iron, Wind nut, Wire drawing, Wiring, Wood screw, Work hardening, Work table, Workpiece, Worm gear, Wrench, Wrought iron


Yield point, Yoke


Zinc, Zone

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