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abandon, abbreviate, abolish, absorb, abstain from, abundance, abundant, accelerate, accept, access, accessible to, accommodate, accompany, accomplish, accumulate, accuracy, accurate, accurately, accuse (of), achieve, acknowledge as, acquainted with, acquire, acquisition, activity, adapt, addict, addiction to, addition, additionally, adequately, adjust, adjustment, administer, admire, admit, adopt, adore, adverse, advocate, affect, aggravate, aggressive, aid, alien (to), alongside, alter, alteration, amazing, amend, amendment, amusing, announce, anticipate, apologize, appalling, appointment, appreciate, approach, appropriately, approve of, arrange, artefact, ascend, ask for, aspire, assemble, assess, assign, assist somebody in something, associate, assume, assure, astonishment, attach, attack, attain, attainment, attend, attribute, auditorium, available, avert, avoidable, award


backward, badly in need of, barely, bargain, barren, basic, bazaar, behave, believe, belongings, beloved, bitingly satirical, bizarre, blanket, blaze, bolt, branch, break off, breed, bribery, bride, brief, bring up, broadcast, Broadly speaking, broil, bullfight, bully, burial, burn, button


calculator, call for, calm, cancel, can’t take one’s eyes off, captivating, captive, captivity, capture, careless, carry out, carve, casually, caution, cease, ceaseless, celebration, celebrity, census, ceremony, charge (with), circulate, circulation, cite, citizen, clarify, claw, clearance, close, closed, closure, coincide with, collapse, collapsible, collar, colleague, collide with, commence, comment on, commercial, commit, common, commonplace, commuter, companion, company, compel, compensation for, compete, compete against, compete with, competition, compile, complain to somebody about something, completely, comply (with), compose, compound, comprise, compute, conceal, conceive as, conclude, conclusion, condition, conditionally, conduct, confess, confident (of), confine to, confirm, conflict, conflict with, conform to, confront, confuse, conquer, consent, consent to, consequence, conserve, considerable, considerably, considerately, consideration, consist of, conspire against, constantly, constitute, constrain, construct, consult, consume, contact with, contemporary, content with, contest, continent, contract, contradict, contradictory, contribute to, controversial, controversy, conventional, converse, convert into, convict, convince, correctly, correspond to, correspond with, counterpart, couple, course, cramped, crash, crawl, create, credibly, criminal, crippled, crocodile, cross out, crumble, cultivate, curator, currency, curve, custom, customary


debate, debt, deceit, deceive, decipher, declare, decline, dedicate, dedicate to, deduce, deduction, deepen, defeat, defect, defend, define, degeneration, delay, delightful, deliver, demand, demobilize, demolish, demonstrate, deny, depress, derive from, descend, desert, deserve, design, desire, desolate, dessert, destination, destiny, destroy, detain, detect, detection, deter (someone) from, deteriorate, determination, devastate, develop, deviate, devote, diagnose as, differentiate, diminish, direct, disappearance, disclose, discover, discriminate (against), discriminate against, discuss about, disease, dismiss, dismissal, dispatch, display, displeased, dispose of, dispute, disqualify, disseminate, distinct, distinguish, distort, distress, distribute, divert, dizzy, docile (dosayl), dominate, donate, donation, dowry, dramatic, draw, dress code, drug addict, drug dealer, dustbin


earth*****, edit, edition, educate, effect, elect, eliminate, elimination, embarrass, embrace, emerge, emphasize, employ, empty, emulate, enable, enclose, encounter, encourage, endure, enhance, enhancement, enlarge, enquire, enslave, ensure, entertain, entirely, entrance, envy, epic, equal, equality, equate, equip, erode, erupt, establish, estimate, eternal, evaluate, evaluation, evidently, evolve, exaggerated, excavate, exceed, excessive, exchange, exclude, exclusive to, exclusively, excursion, exhibit, exist, existence, expand, expect, expectation, expense, experience, expire, Expiry Date, explode, exploit, explore, export, expose, express, extend, extract, extraordinary


fabricate, facilitate, fade, failure, faint, fairly, falsify, familiar (with), famish, fare, fatal, favourable, fearful for, fertilize, fetch, fiancé, fiancée, field trip, fierce, figure, filthy, finance, fine, firework, fit, flatmate, flattery, flee, fleece, flight, flow, fluctuate, focus on, fold, force, forceful, forecast, forge, forgery, former, formerly, formulate, forthcoming, fortify, fracture, frail, frame, freed, fulfil, fundamental, funeral, fussy, fuzzy


gather, gender, generate, genre (= canr), get rid of, giant, give up, glance, gloom, glorify, goal, govern, government, grab, gradually, grant, grasp, graveyard, groom, grow tired of, growl, guide


harass, harbour, hardship, harshly, hasten, havoc, hazard, hazardous, hectic, hesitate, highly, hinder, hire, hitchhiker, hollow, hopefully, horrible, huge, humiliate, hunter, hurricane (hörikeyn)


iceberg, identify, idle, ignore, illusion, illustrate, imagine, imitate, immediate, immobilize (immmobilayz), impact, impeach, implement, implicate, imply, impose, imprisonment, improve, inaudible, incapable of (inkepıbıl), incapacitate, incessant, incline, include, incorporate into, incredible, indicate, indifference to, induce, inevitable, infer, influence, influential (influwenşıl), inherit, inhibit, initially, initiate (inişiyeyt), injure, injustice, innovate, innovation, innovative, insatiable (inseyşıbıl), insignificant, insist (on), inspect, instantaneously, institute, instruct, insulate (against), integrate, intelligence, intention (intenşın), intentional, interaction (with), interfere, interfere with, interpretation, interrogate, interview, intimate, introduce, invade, invaluable, invent, invest (in), investigate, invoke, involve, involvement, irregularity, isolate


jeopardize (ciopidayz), join, joint, justify


kennel, keyhole, kidnapper, knock, knowledge


label, lamb, latter, lawyer, leak, legend, legislate, leisure, lessen, levy, Likewise, listless, literacy, litter, loathe, locate, location, loose, lovely, luggage (lagiç)


magical (mecikıl), mainstream, maintain, make a decision, manage, management, manipulate, manner, manufacture, march, massacre (messekı=r), master, masterpiece, mature (maçu=), meadow, meander, measure (mejı=r), mediate between, meet, memorial, memory, merge, migrate, minor, miraculously, misbehave, mischief, misunderstanding, mix up, mock at, modify, mood, mourning, move, movement, multinational, municipality, murder, mystery


narrowly, native to, neglect, nervous, neutrality (nötraliti), notice


obese, obey, objection, obligation, obscure, observe, obsolete, obtain, occasion, occasional, occupy, occur, occurrence, odd, Oddly enough!, odour, offend, offer, officially, opportunity, opposition, oppress, ordinary, originally, ornament, orphan, outcrop, outcry, outdo, outing, outlet, overlap, overlook, overtake


partially, participate in, participation, particular (pıtik=ulır), particularly, passenger, passionately, patiently, pavement, peace and quiet, peak, peculiar, pedestrian, penalize, perceive, permission, persevering, persist, persuade, pessimism, pet, pioneer, placement, plague (pleyg), plain, plead, please, pledge (plec), poem, point, policy, polio, pose, possess, possession, post, postpone, practically, praise, precede, predict, predictable, prejudice, present, preserve, pressure, prevent, previously, prior (to), prison, probability, process, progress, promote, prompt, promptly, proofread, properly, property, proportion, protection against, provoke, publish, purchase, purchase (pö=çıs), purpose, pursue, push, put forth




race, racism, raid, raise, rate, receive, recklessly, recognize, recommendation, referee, refreshing, refugee, refund, regard, regional, register, regret, regretful, regrettable, regularly, rehearse (rihörs), reject, rejection, relate, release, relentless, relief, relocate, reluctant (rilaktınt), remain, remark, remembrance, reminiscent of, remote, removal, remove, repeatedly, repetitive, replace (with), replica, request, require, requirement, resentful, reside, resident, resign from, resolve, resort, response, restlessness, result, reveal, revenge, revolve, reward, ride, rightfully, rise, rob somebody of something, robust (rıbast), rough (raf), rubble


sacrifice, salute, satisfaction, savage, scald, scalp, scarce, scarcely, scatter, sceptical, scratch, sculpture, seam, seasonal, secure, sedate, seed, seize, sense, sentence, sentimental, session, sewage, shade, shortcoming, shorten, show off, shuffle, sigh, significant, silent, simply, simulate, sink, situate, size, skill, slaughter, slavery, sleeve, slight, slip, smash, smother (smadır), snap, soap, sociable, solely, soothing, spectacular, spend, spillage, spin, spine, spiritual, spoiled, spouse, spread, spring, stability, staff, stage, startle, statement, statue (steyçu), steadily, steal, stealthily (steltili), stem, stimulate, stir, store, storm, stranger, stray, stress, stretch, strike, stroll, subject to, substantial, sue, sufficiently, suffrage, suggestion, suggestive of, suit, supply, support, supportive, suppress, surpass, surrender, suspend, suspicion, symptom


take off, take on, tame, tapestry, tasteful, tasty, temple (tempıl), tenderness, terminal, terminate, territory, the rest of…, thoughtless, throughout, throw, throw out, thunderstorm, tomb, tough, trace, trade, traditional, trail, train, transmit, trash, treasure (trejı= ), treat, trick, trim, tripe, truthful about, turn in


unattended, unbearable, uncultured, undermine, undertake, unfortunate, unlimited, unreliable, untimely, unusual, unwind, upgrade, urgent


vacation, vague (veyg), valley, vanish, variety, vast, vet, vigorously, violate (vayoleyt), violent, virtually, vocation, volunteer, vote for/against, voyage


wantonly, wear, weep, whirl, wholly, widely, widow, withdraw from, withdrawn, witness, worthless


yard, yield



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