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a the speed of sound, A/A air to air, a/c aircraft, a/d aerodrom, AAC army air corps, aae above aerodrom elevation, AAI angle of attack indicator, AAIB air accidents investigation, aal above aerodrom level, AAM air-to-air missile, AAR air-to-air refuelling, AATH automatic approach to hover, ab initio from the beggining, abm abeam used to describe aircrafts pozition left or right 90 degrees, ABN aerodrom beacon, AC, ACARS airborne communications addresing and reporting, ACAS airborne collision avoidance system, acc altocumulus castellenaus cloud, ACC area control centre, accelerate-stop distance calculated distance for an aircraft to accelarte v1 and reject take off to stop safely, ACMS aircraft condition monitorig system, ACR aerodrom control radar, ACZ aerodrom control zone, AD airworthiness directive, ADF automatic direction finder, ADI attitude director indicator, ADIZ air defans identification zone, ADR accident data recorder, ADS automotic dependence surveillance, aerodrom/airport elevation highest point off airports usable runway asml, AEW airborne early warning, AFB air force base, AFCS automatic flight control system, AFI assistant flying instructor, AFIS aerodrom flight information system, AFRP aramid fibre reinforced, AFS aerodrom fire service, AFTN aeronautical fixed telekominications network, AG air to ground, AGATE advanced general aviation transport experiment, agl above ground level, AH artificial horizon, AHRS attitude-heading referance system, AI attitude indicator, AIAA area of intense aerial activity, AIC aeronautical information circular, AIP aeronautical information publication, Airep form of reporting position and met in flight, airproximity, AIZ aerodrom information, ALCM air lounched cruise missile, ALERFA alert phase of search and rescue, Alpha angle of attack, ALS aerodrom lighting system, alt altitude, Altimeter setting barometric pressure reading, ALTN alternate, AM amplitude modilation, AME authorized medical examiner, AMRAAM advanced middle range air to air missile, amsl above mean sea level, ANR active noise reduction pilot, AoA angle of attack, AOC air operator sertificate, AOG aircraft on ground, AOPA aircraft owners and pilot association, AP, Apr approach, Apt airport, APU auxillary power unit, ARA advisory radyo area, ARFOR area forecast, ARM anti radiation missile, ARP aerodrom referans point, AS altostratus, ASDA accelerate stops distance available, ASI airspeed indicator, ASM air to surface missile, Aspect ratio, ASR altimeter setting region, ASRAAM advanced short range air-to-air, ASW anti submarin warfare, ATA actual time of arrival, ATC air traffic control, ATCA air traffic, ATCC air traffic control center, ATCO air traffic control officer, ATD actual time of departure, ATIS automatic terminal information service, ATLB air transport liscensing board, ATM airspace and traffic menagement, ATPL airtransport pilot lisance, ATS air traffic service, ATSORA airtraffic service outside regulated area, ATZ areodrom traffic zone, AUW all-up weight, avgas aviation gasoline, avtur aviation turbine fuel, AWACS airborne warning and control system, AWG aural warning generator, AWR airborne weather radar, Awy airway


B-RNAV basic area navigation system, BBJ boeing bussines jet, BBW brake by wire, bcn beacon, BCP break cloud procedure, BCPL basic commercial pilot, BFL balanced field lenght, BFO beat frequancy ossilator, bizjet bussines jet, BKN broken cloud, BOW basic operating weight, BRG bearing, BRS ballistic recovery system


C celsius veya compass, C of A certificate of airworthiness, C of E certificate of experiance, C of P centre of pressure, C of T certificate of test, c/s callsign, CAA civil aviation authority, CAS calibrated air speed, CAT clear air turbulance, CAVOK ceiling and visibility ok, CAVU ceiling and visibility unlimited, Cb cumulunimbus cloud, CC cirrocumuus, Cd coefficient of drag, CDI course deviation indicator VOR, CDU control display unit, ceiling height above ground below 20000 feet., CFD computation fluid, CFI chief flying instructor, CFIT controled flight into terrain, CFRP carbon fibre reinforced plastic, CG centre of gravity, CH compass heading, chord width of wing measured form leading to trailing edge, CHT cylinder heat temperature, CI cirrus cloud, CI coefficient of lift, circuit pattern around of an aeredrom which aircraft fly, CKD complitely knocked down, clamped closed aerodrom, cld cloud, clean condition of aircraft flaps and gear retracted, clearance authorization as requested given by controller, CMATZ combined air traffic military zone, COO chief operating officer, CPL commercial pilot licence, CR counter rotating, Critical altitude maximum density altitude to maintain continious rated power, Critical engine the engine on multi engine aircraft whose failure will affect safety control, CRM cocpite resource management, Crosswind (leg), CRP compulsory reporting point, CRS course, CRT cathod ray tube catod, CS cirrostratus cloud, CTA control area, CTP chief test pilot, CTR control zone, CU cumulus cloud, CVR cockpit voice recorder, CW clok wise, CZ control zone


D&D distress &diversion centre 24 hour listening service on VHF and UHV emergency frequency and locate them, DAAIS danger area activity information service, DAC danger area crossing service, DADC digital airdata computer system, dB decibel, DCT direct, dead side opposite side of an airfield circuit pattern, deadstick descent and landing without engine power motor, Decca hyperbolic area navigation system, density altitude pressure altitude corrected for air temperature, DERA defance evaluation and research agency, DETRESFA disstres phase of rescue, DF direction finding, DG directional gyro, DH decision height, DI direction indicator, DME distance measuring equipment, Doppler the cange in frequancy of light or radio waves when source and receiver in motion, downwind the segment of an active runway flown resiprokal, DP dev-point, DR dead reckoning plotting position by calculating speed course time and wind against last known position, Dropping zone for parachuting etc., dry emty fuel, Duplex radio system using seperate chanel for receiving and transmitting, DVOR doppler VHF omnidirectional range


EAA experimental aircraft association, EADI electronic attitude director indicator, EAT estimated approach time, ECM electronic countermeasures, ECU electronik control unit, EDU elektronic display unit, EET estimated elapsed time, EFAS electronic flash approac light system, EFATO engine failure at take-off, EFIS electronic flight instrument system, EGT exhaust gas temperature, EHSI electronic horizontal situation indicator, EICAS engine indicating and crew alerting system, ELBA emergency locatation beacon aircraft, elev elevation, elevon control surface of tailles aircraft, ELT emergency locator, ELİNT electronic inteligence, encoding altimeter, EROPS extended range oprations, est estimated, ETA estimated time of arrival, ETD estimated time of departure, ETE estimated time en route, ETOPS extended range twin engine operations, Eurocontrol


F fahrenheit, FAA federal, FADEC full authority digital engine control, FAF final approach fix, FAR federal aviation regulation, FBL fly-by-light pilot, FBW fly-by-wire, FCL flight crew licencing, Fcst forecast, FDR flight data recorder u, feather of a proppeler, FEW few cloud, FF fuel flow, FFPS free fall parachuting site, FIC flight information center, final final approach, FIR flight information region, FIS flight information sevice, FJ fast jet, FL flight level, flag warning signal in certain flight instrument, flameout combustion failure in a tirbune engine, flaperon control surface acting as flaps and aileron, flat rating, flicker effect nausea ,vertigo effect, FLIR forward looking, FLPFM foot launched powered flying machine motor, flt flight, flutter unstable oscillation of an aerofil surface in flight which can lead to catastrofic airframe failure, FM frequancy modulation, FMC flight menagement computer, FMS flight mnagement system, FO first officer, FOB fuel on board, FOD foreign object damage, FPL filled flight plan, fpm feet per minute, free call atc statement advising to pilot change frequancy when ready, FRTOL flight radiotelephony operator licence, FS fractotratus cloud, ft feet, FTO flying training organization, FWF firewall forward


g the accelaration force or gravity, g-loc g induced loss of conciousness, G/S groundspeed, GA general aviation, GAMA general aviation manifacturer association, GAP general aviation propulsion, gbh galons per hour, GCA groun controlled approach, GFT general flying test, Glonass global orbiting navigation satelite system, GMT greenwich mean time ş, gnd ground, go-around climb away from an approaching runway, GP glidepath, GPS global positioning sYstem, GPU ground power unit, GPWS ground prximity warning system, GRADU gradual, Green, GS glideslope


H+, H24, HAA historic aircraf association, half-milliyon, HAS hardened aircraft shelter, Hdg heading, Heavy suffix indicating that is large airliner, hertz, HF high frquancy band, Hg, HIAL high intensity approach lighting, HIGE hover in ground effect, HIRF high intensity radiated fields, HIRTA high inensity radyo, HJ sunrise to sunset, HMD helmet mounted display, hmr homer, HMR helikopter main, HN sunset to sunrise, HOCAC hands on throttle and cyclic, HOGE hover out of ground effect, holding pattern, hot-and-high, hPa hectopascal, hrs hours, HRZ helikopter restricted zone, HUD head up display


i/c intercom, IAC instrument approach chart, IAOPA international council of aircraft owners and pilot association, IAP instrument approach procedures, IAS indicated airspeed, IATA international air transport association, ibn identification beacon, ICAO international civil aviation organization, ident morse code, IF instrument flying, IFCS, IFF identification friend or foe, IFR insrument flying rules, IFRA in flight refuelling area, IGE in ground effect, IGS instrument guidence system, ILS instrument landing system, IMC instrument meterolojikal condition, Inmarsat international maritime satellite organisation, INS inertial navigation system, IR instrument rating, ISA international, ITT inter turbine temperature, IVSI instantaneous vertikal speed indicator


JAA joint aviation authorities, JAR joint aviation requirements, JATO/RATO jet/roket assisted take off, Jeppesen


kHz kilohertz, KIAS knots indicated airspeed, kN kiloNewton, knot (kt), kW kilowatt


lat latitude, LCD liquid cristal, LCZ lokalizer, LF low frequancy, LFA low flying area, LOC, locator, LOM locator outer marker, lon longitude, LORAN long range low frequency hiperbolic radiyo navigation


m/s, Mach number, Mag magnetik, MATZ military aerodrom traffic zone, Mayday, MDA minimum descent altitude, MDH minimum descent hight, ME multi engine, Met, MF medium frequency, MFD multi function display, MH magnetic heading, minimums, mkr marker beacon, MLS microwave landing system, MLU mid-life update, MLW maximum landing weight, MM middle marker, Mmo maximum operating mach number, Mode A, Mode C, Mode S, mogas mobile gas, MPA man powered aircraft, MRW maximum ramp weight, MSA minimum safe altitude, msl mean sea level, MTOW maximum take-off weight


navaid navigational aid, NDB non directional beacon, nM nauical miles, NOE nap of earth, NOTAM notice to airman, NOTAR no tail rotor mc donnel douglas, NS nimbrostratus, NTSB national transport safety board, NVG night vision google

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